Clocks are a necessary staple of western society. As we bustle from meeting to event, we always need to know the time. It is true that the modern era has noted a move toward using cell phones exclusively. However, there are still moments when it is good to have a clock in the room. With that in mind, I present the below article.

Here are three totally serious reasons to have a really bright clock.

1) This is familiar territory. You get home late at night or stay up watching your favorite drama. Your head hits the pillow and immediately a thousand thoughts enter your mind. What if my boss took that complaint the wrong way? Is my car burning oil? Is my next-door neighbor’s cat staring at me through the window?

Then it happens. You look over at the clock and cannot make out the time. Does that say 12:30AM or 6:00AM? If it says 12:30AM, then all is well. You can close your eyes and attempt to go back to sleep. If however, it says 6:00AM, then you already know your day will be filled with coffee. If you had a really bright neon clock, you would not have that problem.

2) “This is a really long meeting.” Maybe you didn’t get enough sleep last night, but you could definitely sleep now. Unfortunately, if you do go to sleep now, you would immediately lose your job. Since the unemployment office is probably not very restful, you resolve to stay awake.

Just when you think the end has arrived, the speaker darkens the room for a video. The meeting shifts as people turn toward the screen and get comfortable. You also turn and meet your salvation. The corner of your left eye is now warmed with the glow of the bosses’ Carolina Panthers themed neon clock. That glow will keep you awake and employed!

3) What time is it? You will hear this if you wear a watch. You will hear this if you do not wear a watch. Some days everybody wants to know the time, and they want YOU to tell them. So you buy a clock.

Now when people ask you the time, you can point to the clock on the wall. But you still have to point to that wall. After a while, your shoulder begins to smart from the repetitive motion. If you bought a really bright clock it would catch attention immediately! Now people will only ask if it is hot enough for you.