The Best Diving Spots in Wakatobi That You Must Try

Wakatobi delivers exceptional Scuba Diving on a few of the most pristine reefs around the earth. The resort is located in the Wakatobi National Park (also Called Tukang Besi National Marine Park) from the Banda Sea. This area is known for its high density and a wide selection of small creatures and critters you’ll be able to find. Several new species are found around Wakatobi. The home reef in front of this Bungalow is regarded as one of the very best dive sites in the world and you will have unlimited beach diving! Moreover, this is an excellent location for night snacking.

Teluk Maya

Superb place for underwater photographs, perfect for macro diving, Teluk Maya allows divers to maneuver between 3 and 30 meters deep. The bottom is sandy, and it is possible to dip with blue-spotted rays, crocodile fish, heaps of batfish, cardinalfish, garden eels, and batfish. Here also an excellent location for snorkeling.


Roma is a great pinnacle whose peak is underwater in a depth of 5 meters. The base is only 25 meters deep and open water divers will even have the ability to enjoy this fabulous diving website. Furthermore, the present is weak and the dive is frequently regarded as easy. Massive lettuce coral of nearly 10 square feet in the form of rose carpeting the scuba diving spot.

The Zoo

The Zoo is particularly well-known for snorkeling in Wakatobi. The thickness varies between 3 meters and 27 yards and the website has the advantage of having no present. There are many potatoes and cabbage corals in terms of coral, and we can dip with nudibranch, sea bream, sweet lips, crocodile fish, stonefish, snapper bream fish but also little shrimps and little blennies.

Turkey Beach

The Turkey Beach dive website is one of the best known Wakatobi dip sites. If you wish to dive with no direction in the Wakatobi Resort Luxury Diving Resort, the boat drops you off on this dive website. You then drift quietly to combine the pontoon and you may also continue diving on the house reef in the front of this hotel’s jetty.

The spot takes its title from the very fact that sailors didn’t figure out how to pronounce the word Turtle correctly, and as time passes, the name has evolved in Turkey. Logic! The place is known for its turtles that come to lay their eggs throughout the breeding season. The turtles especially enjoy the site because it is located right next to some big white sand beach that’s fantastic for putting in peace. Suckers Raymoras frequently adhere to the impressive turtles. Ideal for a ski trip just in front of the resort.


Great dive site for wide-angle pictures, Blade takes its name in the canyons that seem to be cut from the rock by a giant sword. Dive magazines frequently take their photos with this particular location. With its unique contours, Blade stands out. Many small reefs are linked through a large number of little canyons. The current is normally medium and enables small agreeable drift dives. In terms of forests, we could see barrel corals, tough black corals and huge gorgonians.

Whether your trips take you to a walk on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts, or urban attractions, additional research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Wakatobi by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.