Ever since the industrial revolution, talent acquisition has become a highly competitive exercise for all companies and organizations. While researching for ways to improve your company, one of the top suggestions is likely to have a team of proficient professionals working for you. 

The notion of globalization has become widespread due to reduced costs of communication and transportation. As a result, companies are presented with the choice of talent with various backgrounds, skills and qualifications looking for better opportunities. On the other side, the challenge lies in digging deep and attracting talent to your company. It is easy to assume that money can attract top talent to your company, but that isn’t necessarily true. Potential employees look beyond monetary benefits, even the intangibles matter. If you are unable to attract top talent, you might benefit from creative ways to find the best talent possible. Here’s how:

  • Leveraging Existing Employees’ Experiences

Employees are one of the biggest strengths of an organization and can be a powerful force for attracting talent to your company. It must be pertinent for recruiters to empower their current employees to share an unfiltered experience about their brands. Systematic engagement by the Human Resources (HR) department can effectively leverage the expertise of existing employees. There are many activities under employee advocacy programs which  can raise awareness about the company thus attracting top talent. You can also offer referral incentives to employees who refer the best candidates.  

  • Hiring a Consultancy Firm

One of the effective ways of attracting top talent to your company is outsourcing it to experts. You need to provide a list of criteria for the position, and a professional consulting team will help you find the candidate. Hire a consultancy firm who has an extensive network, an experience of acquiring the top talents, and most importantly providing the right person in the field. Influential consultancy firms don’t just offer professional services; instead, they look within their area of expertise. Their proficiency gives you an edge against your competitors, looking for the same talent. 

  • Marketing Your Company Brand, Culture and Values

In terms of attracting talent to your company, you need to market your brand to distinguish from competitors. Although some employees join an organization looking for better financial compensations, some choose it because of a better workplace environment. Organizations should enhance their work culture and become a talent magnet. Every job description should always read some lines discussing your brand, values and culture. It’s more critical attracting top talent who fits in with the company’s culture and values you’ve built. The key here is to practice transparent leadership, appreciating your employee’s efforts, treating everyone with respect, creating a positive workplace environment and encouraging innovation in the workplace. 

  • Offering Flexibility in the Workplace

The most talented workforce look for a company that puts more value on more than just financial incentives. They want to work where working hours are prioritized, work-life and personal life are balanced. It’s different from conventional hours of working. Rather than mandating a 9-5 strict work schedule, considering flexible hours, remote working, if possible, should be more encouraged. These flexible hours help attract top talent because this practice allows the companies to get the best out of their expertise when they start working. 

  • Posting on Social Media

Using Facebook, LinkedIn and a handful of other powerful social media tools to help attract top talent by connecting with potential candidates. Many interested applicants before applying to a job, do research about the company’s reputation. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a top-notch social media profile and encourage existing employees to share their experiences to increase the company’s reach and credibility. 

  • Recruiting Through Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

The recent advancements in AI due to digital disruption has opened up the doors of opportunities and applications. These advancements help the recruiters to find the top talent faster and effectively. AI has helped change the recruitment process by levelling the solutions for each stage of the recruitment funnel. 

  • Building a Company You Are Proud To Work With

Treating everyone with respect starts with a robust interview process. Comprehensive fair policies and benefits reflect the calibre of employees you want to attract to your company. However, there are no shortcuts, treat people well, and you will attract the best talent. 

  • Becoming a Kind Organization

There is a famous saying, “In this world, where you can be anything, be kind.” Kindness always works. It works everywhere, whether it is customer service or employees who left on good terms, to retain and attract talent. Figure out why your previous employees left and reach out to them. It might save you a lot of time, energy and cost. Great companies work hard by showing kindness to their employees; also, if they come back, they genuinely care about your organization.   

Final Words

Additionally, one of the biggest challenges for many organizations is to acquire and retain top talents. It requires to build a positive employer brand and empower its employees to make proactive outreach for hiring the most suitable candidates. MBA (Masters of Business Administration), the two-year flagship program of Indian Institute of Management Udaipur (IIMU) provides an intensive specialization in management theory and practice to receive a thorough grounding in management disciplines. IIMU’s Entrepreneurship support encourages students to explore their entrepreneurial ambitions. An inspiring range of elective courses, intensive mentoring, flexible placement options and assisting in procuring seed funding and equity capital ensures students to acquire entrepreneurial skills.