A tasteful addition of the right countertop can renovate and reform the entire look of a kitchen. That said, there are so many options that it can be very difficult to find out which countertop is better. The two leading materials that people prefer are granite and quartz. And the debate, which of the two is better, has been never-ending. 

In this guide, we will be taking you through the specifics of both types so that you can, once and for all, find out which one of the two is the better choice for you. 

Why Granite? 

Granite is a natural stone. Which means that uniqueness is its middle name. No two pieces of granite are ever the same, EVER. That’s one of the coolest things about owning a granite kitchen countertop – nobody else will ever have a copy of the one that you have. However, bear in mind that granite has to be sealed properly before it is installed! 

That said, a couple of benefits because of which people prefer granite so much are as follows!

It’s Durable 

Being a natural stone that has been formed over millions of years, Granite is naturally strong. It’s not one of those materials that will crack or chip easily. In other words, granite can resist impacts and shocks very easily. 

It’s Heat Resistant 

Granite is metamorphosed Lava! Thus, the way that granite resists heat, no other stone can. It is usually used by chefs to prepare bread due to this specific reason. 

Why Quartz? 

Quartz is a man-made engineered stone. This means that the variety in color and texture is far more superior. That’s not all! There are many other benefits that make quartz so popular. Have a look! 

It is Waterproof 

Granite resists water better than most other stones. Which means, it doesn’t catch stains either. Also, no water means no moisture, and no moisture means no germs. 

It is Scratch-Resistant 

The surface of quartz is practically scratch-resistant. Besides, it’s abrasion-resistant too. This means it will not react with the acids in food. Hence, the texture, color, and shade remain intact even after years.

So, what’s better? Granite or Quartz? 

The bottom line is that the stone that’s right for others isn’t necessarily right for you. Ask yourself just the one question listed below and you’ll get the answer. 

What’s more important – Uniqueness or Unique Colors? 

If you want something that’s just yours, something that no one else will ever have, then Granite is the stone for you. But, if you want to get a color and pattern customized, then Quartz is the stone for you. 

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