India is seeing an influx of both foreign and local investors, with the increase of the number of businesses in the country, the number of businesses being sold is also increasing. However, as the country is very big, finding the best buyer for your business is not as easy as it sounds.

One of the major factors, or a requirement, as we could call it, while selling a business is confidentiality. Investors want to make sure that the takeover is entirely confidential while they buy business.

This means that you can’t openly advertise your business sale. Thus, in most cases, you are confined to working with business brokers who only work in a limited area.

However, these days, digital marketing for selling a business is possible. With the right tactics, it is possible to achieve a high level of personalization so that the news of the selling of your business only reaches the right person.

In this article, we share some online marketing tips to sell a company without making a lot of noise:

Business Buy Sell Portals

Business buy and sell portals are undeniably the best ways to sell business in India. They are websites where business buyers and sellers can meet each other.

Similar to websites such as Amazon and eBay, they are marketplaces where business owners can list their companies for sale. On the other hand, business buyers can look at the companies and make an offer depending on their preferences. 

One of the best business buy cell centres must be Easy Buy Sell Business India. The website has been providing services in various countries across Asia, Europe, and Americas, and has recently started its services in the country. However, with its already strong brand presence and popularity in the business community, the site is set to be very helpful for company owners in India as well.

Online Advertisements and Digital Media

When it comes to online advertisements for selling a company, you don’t give away the name. In other words, it will be better to make anonymous advertisements only telling that a company in your niche is on sale and giving the buyer your phone number or contact information.

Online advertisements for selling a company can be done on local news media, business blogs, etc. At the same time, ads on social media can also be great, but you will need to learn some personalization settings so that your advertisements only go to the feed of your target demography.

Email Marketing

Email marketing, as its name suggests, refers to using email to market your services. However, in this case, you will need to use email for promoting the company itself.

Remember, when we refer to email marketing for selling a company, it strictly doesn’t only have to be email. We could also be using private and direct messages from other services such as Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.

However, before marketing your company, you should get a list of the people who might actually be interested. If you go around sending emails to everyone, the email service provider will flag you as a spammer and your message won’t reach the inbox of a lot of people.

A good idea would be to go on social media sites, and visit groups made of investors. From there, you could create your own shortlist, and then email everyone about the availability of your company.