Running for Congress is not an easy task, no matter how easy it might first appear to a candidate. Even incumbents who have been around for a long time face some type of challenge when a new election cycle comes up.

As for first-time candidates running for Congress, it is even more of a challenge. With limited experience in an election like this, it can be a daunting task. Elijah Norton Veritas Global Protection is considering doing it himself, and plenty of others have planned it in the past as well. Whether a person is running for Congress in Arizona or Wyoming, some tips for first-timers can really help out.

Start Fundraising Now

It costs a lot of money to run for Congress in any state. Those with the most competition and the most voters tend to cost more, but it depends on how heated the race gets. Unless a candidate is sitting on millions (if not billions) of dollars, fundraising is a crucial part of the process.

Many are surprised to find out just how much money goes into running for Congress. Studies in recent elections have shown that spending $1 million or more is the norm instead of the exception. In fact, there have been a decent amount of winners in the last few years to spend $5 million or more on their campaign. Four winners in the 2018 congressional race spent over $10 million.

Every little bit counts with fundraising, but landing a few major donors can be a difference-maker. This is where party affiliation can come in handy, but do not be afraid to ask for favors here and there as well. It is part of the political process, and while not everyone is super comfortable requesting this amount of money, it is crucial to actually win.

Stay Consistent

Voters tend to appreciate any candidate that stays consistent when they are running for Congress. It shows confidence in what the candidate believes in, and it also builds trust that the same energy will carry over to making decisions in office.

The best way to stay consistent is to come up with talking points and stances on the key issues from the very beginning. Do not focus on pleasing everyone because there will always be voters not happy with those stances. It pays off to just be consistent and defend those positions the best way possible.

Build a Dependable Team

Any person running for Congress is only going to go as far as their team allows them. It does not necessarily have to be huge, but a dependable team can make a big difference as long as they are dedicated.

Successfully running for Congress takes a lot of time and organization. No one person can pull it off. Having a campaign manager and a treasurer are the essentials, but a few trustworthy friends and family can also make a difference. Some of them might actually be paid, while others are dedicating their free time and energy to help out. Whatever the case is, they are part of the team, win or lose.

First-timers might not know exactly how to build a dependable team, but it all starts with a strong core. From there, building things out becomes easier and easier. Adding to the team when others are already passionate makes a huge difference.


As simple as it sounds, every first-time person running for Congress needs to breathe and relax. There will be a ton of stressful moments, and it can really start to show for a candidate when it comes close to election time. This is because candidates need to be as cool, calm, and collected as possible. Make sure to breathe and not give off the impression that everything is chaotic.

Once election day comes, there is that one final push to get every last vote. After winning or losing, there is another time to breathe and take it all in. There are many things to learn from a win or a loss, and when running for certain spots in Congress, the election cycle seemingly never stops. For example, being a representative means running for election every two years, so the next one is just around the corner.

Is Running For Congress Worth It For Elijah Norton?

It takes a certain amount of passion for the job to run for Congress. It also takes crafting a team and seeing the entire process through to actually pay dividends. However, with all that being said, those cut out for Congress will feel it is all worth it. Many first-time candidates feel like anything that can go wrong does go wrong, but eventually, it all works out for most. Having a positive attitude the entire way keeps everyone involved sane, but it gives voters the confidence to be represented by that person.