The most important part of a car are the parts that are directly or indirectly contributing to you getting to your destinations. So, you might sometimes want to take your Air conditioner for granted. It is quite understandable, until it stops working in the middle of a hot day. We are all away that the summertime in Dubai and the whole of UAE can be really crazy.

Well if you’ve been in this kind of fix before, then it’s something we’re sure you’d never want to experience again. But it goes just beyond saying that, you have to take steps to forestall it from happening again. That’s why in this article we’ll be discussing how best to care for your AC.

Just like your tyres, oil filters and other parts of your car, your AC needs some care and attention.

Here are some of the things you can do to car for your car.

Check If It Is Working Well Or Not

It is very easy to analyze your car air conditioning unit; you don’t need to visit a car shop for this. Just turn on your air conditioning unit in your car, and set it to cool at a temperature that’s 10 degree Celsius below the environmental temperature at that time. So say the day’s temperature is at 27 degrees Celsius, set your car to 17 degrees Celsius. If your car can successfully maintenance this temperature, then it is working properly, if not, you need to start considering options to fix it.

A lot of times, the usual problem is a leak, so perhaps the major cooling agent for the system has begun to leak. The solution is usually to patch up the leak and add more cooling agent. Now, you are not supposed to do this yourself, except you’re a car air conditioning technician, then you won’t even need to be reading this.

So find a professional to fix the issue and you’d be fine.

There’s a caveat though.

For older car models, this might be different, except, of course you have changed the air conditioning system.

Older car models had a huge flaw in their conditioning system. Older models here mean cars of 1994 and older. The coolant that ran through the system was Freon, it turns out that this gas it very harmful to the atmosphere, so in newer car models its use was discontinued.

The newer coolant have the A/C hardware made to optimize their flow, therefore they won’t work with these old models. And freon is no more used for Air conditioning. So to start enjoying good temperature in your car again, you’d just need to have the entire air conditioning unit changed. Yeah, it going to cost you quite an arm and a leg, but if you can afford it, it will be worth it.


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