How surveys help businesses

When the planning horizon narrows and the cost of a mistake increases, competent analytics takes the lead. How to increase loyalty, what creatives are best suited for an advertising campaign, and whether it is worth entering new niches – the answers to these questions can often be found in a dialogue with a client through a survey maker instrument.

Solving tasks

What tasks do companies usually solve with the help of surveys:

  • testing concepts and ideas
  • studying the habits and preferences of the audience
  • target audience segmentation
  • creative testing (videos, banners, logos, etc.)
  • testing of names and slogans
  • customer loyalty and satisfaction assessment
  • price research
  • feature prioritization during development

To understand who to interview, you need to determine what decisions you plan to make based on the data received. The most basic way is to survey your own customers. This is usually a loyal audience that is more likely to help you find the solutions you need. This method works well when you need to find out how the preferences of existing customers are changing.

Another way to find out the information that your business needs are through external audience surveys. If you learn how to create a survey, you can find out the demand for a product in a particular region or city, and then use this information to segment your audience and scale your business.

Building loyal relationships with the target audience

In fact, it is important for the audience to know that their opinion is taken into account by the company, that it affects business processes and determines its key decisions. By conducting surveys, you make it clear that the opinion of your customers is valuable and important to you, thereby, as it were, enlisting their support and building loyal relationships with them. Well, as you know, the more loyal customers a company has, the more actively it will develop.