Five Compelling Reasons to Schedule Routine Mammograms

Breast cancer is the main cause of cancer-related death in women. But a lot of women are still wondering if they should get a mammogram. Mammograms are imaging tests used for screening women for breast cancer. Indeed, it is the best opportunity to detect breast cancer at an early stage when many treatment options are available and effective. 

An idaho mammography screening is often recommended for women who are at least 40 years old. Although women aged at least 55 can get screened for breast cancer every two years, routine screening each year still best prevents breast cancer. Mammograms can save lives when taken seriously. The following are reasons you get a mammogram every year:

Abnormalities or Cancers May Not be Felt

A mammogram can detect breast cancer before you can feel a breast lump. Although it’s important to self-examine your breast, you may not feel changes in your breast until a noticeable lump has formed. At this point, breast cancer may have grown or spread, which means it may be hard to treat.

Breast Cancer Can Be Cured When Detected Early

A mammogram cannot prevent breast cancer, but it can help catch it early when more treatment options are available and before cancer has spread to other body parts. Experts claim that early breast cancer detection allows for cancer to be contained to the breast, increasing your survival rate. 

Mammograms Can Save Your Breasts and Life

If breast cancer is caught early, your doctor may not require you to undergo mastectomy or surgical breast removal. Rather, you may need a lumpectomy to get rid of just the cancerous tumor in your breast, preserving the healthy tissue around the tumor. 

Age Increases Your Risk for Breast Cancer

As you get older, you will have an increased risk for breast cancer. This is the reason mammograms should be done every year starting at age 40. Advancing age and gender are risk factors, but your risk for breast cancer also increases due to alcohol use, obesity, family history, and physical inactivity. 

It Doesn’t Take Long to Complete the Screening

While you may not find a mammogram a comfortable procedure, it usually takes just 20 minutes. Once you are done with the screening, you can just get dressed and leave the facility. You will be contacted once your results are available. Thinking about having a mammogram can be intimidating; however, you have good reasons to get a routine breast screening.