Complete Guide of Playing Lottery Online

Investing in a single lottery ticket offers an opportunity to win millions instantly. You may be aware of the local lottery game, but are unaware of the online lotto games. You get round the clock chance to win an online jackpot.

How online lottery works?

On the Ufakick betting site, you will find a variety of lottery games. Unlike weekly lottery games, all types of lotto games differ. Before you choose one randomly get familiar with how each lotto game works.

Standard lotto game

From a big pool of prospective numbers, the players pick winning numbers. For example, you may choose 6 from 54 number pool. Each game is exclusive but the format is the same. The prizes are tiered to the number of matches. Jackpot is reserved for the player/s whose every number match in the draw. Players who match 2 or 3 numbers also get some prize. The value of the jackpot depends on the game.

Mini lotto games

The majority of online lotteries have small prizes. Mini-lotteries give you a better winning chance than the state-run lotteries with the massive number of participants. The format is same….choose the winning numbers from a small pool of numbers.


In keno, the pool has 80 numbers the keno card has 8 rows and 10 columns. Mark the chosen number. You get to choose as many as twenty keno numbers. Keno machine randomly selects 20 balls. Payouts will be on the grounds of how many numbers you chose matched along with the amount you wagered per draw. In keno games, you can win even if you got a single hit. The top prize is reserved for matching the number of lottery tickets.

How to play lottery games online?

  • Purchase a lottery ticket, you prefer. It can range from a few pennies to several euros. High ticket price means larger the jackpot!
  • At a specific time, the lottery draw takes place. It can be daily, hourly or weekly.
  • Online lottery prizes get calculated automatically. If you won a small payout or jackpot, you will get a notification. Many players check the numbers because it is thrilling to see the draw unfold.

Even if all the lotto games are different the playing style is standard. The lottery is a game of chance. Just buy the ticket and relax but below are some strategies to pick winning lottery numbers.

  • More lotto numbers mean better winning chances. More tickets mean more picks & combinations you have.
  • Analyze the historical lotto results as well as other statistics to find hot numbers, which can likely be picked in a draw.
  • Create a syndicate and buy multiple tickets. Your chances to win increases but you will need to split the probable wins.
  • Participate in free lottery games, where you will win a few hundred or thousands. It will be more than what you wagered.
  • The probability of every number to be chosen is equal. Never waste time on employing lotto strategies and complex systems. Jackpot owners say that it was a surprise [unexpected], which proves that no strategy works. Choose your preferred number randomly and enjoy it!