An Overview on how to Avail Benefits offered by EEOICPA

Worker’s compensation programs have been specifically designed to cater to the monetary needs of the worker’s or employees. These programs would be able to provide the workers and employees with adequate assistance in the case of injury being suffered by them while at work. There have been several kinds of worker’s compensation programs available to suit the needs of employees or worker’s in different industries.

One such division would be that of Department of Energy. It has been dealing with radioactive materials. Considering the nature of work the department entails, there are chances of people suffering from illness and conditions caused by radioactive materials. Therefore, the division of energy employees occupational illness compensation has been specifically designed for providing compensation to the employees or their survivors. However, these employees should have been working under the Department of Energy with radioactive materials and suffered condition or illness caused by radiation.

It would be pertinent to mention here that there have been some illnesses or conditions listed under the EEOICPA that would be compensated by the division. However, it does not imply that you would not be compensated for illnesses or conditions resulting due to radiation. Several other alternatives have been made available for people suffering from radiation effects if they were denied compensation by EEOICPA.

While applying for EEOICPA and RECA benefits, you should provide adequate proof of your employment under the Department of Energy along with the medical bills and reports of you undergoing treatment for illnesses or conditions caused by radiation. In case, you were the survivor member of the family of the employee, the spouse would be required to provide marriage certificate as proof whereas the children would need to provide a birth certificate as proof of their relationship with the employee. These would be essential to avail the benefits offered by EEOICPA.