CinCinBear Games Her Way to Influencer on Instagram

CinCinBear is a social media influencer with a large following on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. She is known for her gaming content, as well as her fashion and lifestyle videos. In addition to her massive following on YouTube and Twitch, you can also see she is gaining a large amount of new followers on Instagram as well.

CinCinBear was born in Canada and has been making videos for over 10 years. She started out posting gaming videos on YouTube, but has since expanded her content to include fashion, beauty, and lifestyle topics.

She has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, including Coca-Cola, Sony, and Xbox. She has also been featured in major publications like Forbes and Cosmopolitan.

Who is CinCinBear?

CinCinBear is an Instagram influence who lives in Maryland. She was born on 25 December 1992 and spent her early years in Cuba. She later moved to the United States and settled in Jessup, Maryland. She attended school in Maryland and studied to become a surgical technologist.

CinCinBear started streaming on Twitch in June 2014. She had originally intended to use her laptop to stream but quickly realized that it was not up to the task. She then decided to get a high-tech streaming setup. While playing games like World of Warcraft and Minecraft, she started gaining followers. By the end of 2014, she had close to 500k followers on Twitch.

CinCinBear Life Story

Despite her popularity on Instagram, CinCinBear has yet to reveal any personal details about herself. She is 27 years old and holds American citizenship. Her birth sign is Capricorn and she is of mixed ethnicity. Her father and mother’s identity are not known. She has two dogs and is supportive of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Her net worth is estimated at $700k.

CincinBear began streaming on 8th June 2014 with a laptop and then switched to a Twitch account. Eventually, she realized that the laptop was unable to handle the streaming requirements. After that, she relaunched her Twitch account. She started experimenting with different games and became more skilled. She has a huge following of over 459k and has even done modeling work for various companies.

CinCinBear on Instagram

If you want to know more about the Instagram account of CinCinBear, here are a few facts about her. She is 25 years old and was born in Cuba. She later settled in Maryland, where she studied to become a surgical technologist. In addition to being a fitness enthusiast, she enjoys cooking and watching anime.

CinCinBear was born on December 25, 1992, under the zodiac sign of Capricorn. She currently has more than 478,422 followers and has logged 101,396 hours streaming.

CinCinBear Influencer

The Instagram influencer CinCinBear is a virtual bear who posts content related to gaming. Her channel currently has over four thousand subscribers and close to one hundred thousand views. She spends her free time playing video games and talking to her fans. However, she is very private about her personal life. She has not revealed her siblings or even her actual name. However, she has mentioned that she has two cousins.

In addition to being an online influencer, CinCinBear is a Twitch streamer and is also active on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. In addition to gaming, she is an animal rights activist.

CinCinBear Summary

The Instagram profile of CinCinBear has a few interesting details. Despite being born in Cuba, she grew up in Maryland and studied as a surgical technologist. She says she’s cocky, and has a strong sense of self. Although she doesn’t share her age or height, we can assume that she’s a relatively young woman.

This unmarried YouTube star has over 470,000 followers on Instagram. She has been streaming for a while, and her videos have a large following. However, little else is known about her personal life. She has a relatively low-profile personal life and focuses her time on her career.

The Instagram star’s height and age are two of the most common questions asked on her profile. She is 5 ft 5 inches tall and weighs 55 kg. Her hair is blonde and she has dark brown eyes. She is of mixed race and lives in the United States.