Ceme online is Asia’s largest ceme network. This is mostly because the network of this site has more than a hundred skins or member sites. IDN is more of a platform that gives access to several other great ceme sites to its customers. Online ceme is defined as space were the three to four-person are involved in playing ceme with the help of internet or the cyberspace by using different website such as adda52.com and earn by playing Ceme Online. The main reason behind young generation becoming ceme is for earning money as perhaps they are financially weak, another reason is that they are fascinated by playing cards and it may be the people which are involved in it which are young generation or the spoilt brats of rich people. As the playing cards are not correct for earning money either the people which are making the application for playing games also should be blamed as they hack the user’s mind and influenced them so much for the websites that are very much attractive and are forced them for the gambling.

About the network

The IDN network first opened in Indonesia in the year 2011. Presently, the western world is still unaware of its existence. However, Asian countries like China, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam have access to this largest network.

Being a vast network, it offers a massive collection of games. This site also offers the Chinese version of ceme called the Capsa Susun and domino games like Ceme and Q-kick.

Sports betting, live casino, RNG games, and Lottery are some of the other games play options offered in this network which is managed via IDNSports.

The site has some good reviews from the players. According to them the site allows tournaments and is mobile friendly. The network also has a US dollar in its deposit option.

Is it really as big as it sounds?

Ceme online is Asia’s largest and one of the largest in the world. So yes, it is as big as it sounds. Although the network is nothing when it comes to the largest of the western side of the world and hence cannot compete with such, but none such network of the Asian countries can compete with this network’s traffic.

The central traffic of this network holds to the more inferior end of the monetary level and sometimes it is even lower than the money-level that is found in other countries.

It is quite tough to play in this network from the Western countries because of its unusual programming. 

Due to all the good features and wide range of games, this is the world’s 2nd largest network.


Even if you demonstrate a considerate interest in gambling or in online casinos, it is not a serious problem. The actual issue rears its ugly head once you get hooked on to the platform. The problem lies in the fact that it is easy for one to start playing but equally difficult to know when to quit.