Marked cards mean physical alteration of cards in and strive to gain an edge on the opponent party. Marking of cards takes place in casinos as well as in home games. A marked card contains certain marks that help the opponent to know whether you are holding a specific card or not. Marking of cards provides the opponents crucial information in the game which gives the opponent an edge over you. It is a form of cheating and if the card is identified you may end up being banned from the casino. The marked cards are divided into two categories one being marked cards that can be seen through naked eyes while the other is cards marked with invisible ink which cannot be seen through naked eyes. To gain additional information about marked cards refer this link

How to mark cards?

  • The user must first buy a deck of good quality playing cards. If the cards are not of good quality the cards may become bad over the period of time.
  • Take a knife, razor or any sharp material to mark the cards. You need to be careful while a knife, i.e., you should have very sharp focus so that any person other that you can not identify the marking.
  • Keep the cards in order A to K while arranging the cards.
  • Mark the cards very carefully with the help of a knife. The marking should be done by scratching the design on the card.

Types of marked cards

Some of the types of marked cards are mentioned below. If you wish to know more about marked cards refer to this site

  • Luminous marked cards: This type of cards are marked with the help of luminous ink printers or invisible inks. This type of marking can only be identified with the help of optic vision devices as they cannot be seen with naked eyes. This type of marking can also be done with the poker scanning system. It contains all the required equipment along with the marked cards.
  • Barcode playing cards: This type of marked cards are generally used to make magic tricks. They are not suitable for playing real cash games. It needs a barcode a scanner to scan the markings on the card.
  • Manual card marking: This type of cards is not marked beforehand. Manual card marking means that a normal card is converted into a marked card. This type of marking is done during the game and is removed before the end of the game.