Labuan Bajo recently famous because it was named as the second best snorkeling spot on the Earth  after Raja Ampat. The evaluations Outperform the Galapagos Islands from the USA, which ranks 3rd, as mentioned by CNN International in 2015. The allure of attraction for tourist in town situated on the western tip of Flores Island is located in the cluster of islands.

Consequently, the essential purpose vacationers visited Labuan Bajo is sailing to go to the island. There are lots of islands which go into the ranks of attractions for a tourist there. All have their personality and uniqueness. Space also varies from one another. Some are far from the refuge, and some are near. There are just two hours of sea journey, and some even take 4-5 hours trekking. Well, to see all of the tourists’ villages, typically travelers need sailing time to 3 four days. They stay on board and float for over three days throughout the ocean. Sailing time isn’t acceptable for a moment, of course, may only be appreciated by travelers with a shed vacation period.

Kelor Island is the island closest to Labuan Bajo city. It is small and has a cone-shaped mountain in the middle. People who visit Kelor Island can observe the peak of the hill. Not too large, but instead steep and slippery. The slope is nearly 60 levels. It can have a whole lot of effort to get at the very top. If you have been previously, your exhaustion for scaling an extreme mountain will cover. The island overlooks Menjaga Island, whose appearance looks like a triangular heap. Kelor Island is abandoned and uninhabited. If you want to keep here, you need to maintain a dom tent.

Additionally, to camping out, you can even swim. Don’t forget to bring dive gear, because Kelor Island is one of the top places to see the brilliant coral and various sorts of fish. Rinca Island. This island is the second-largest island following Komodo Island in the Komodo National Park. You can meet directly with the species of giant lizard reptile, Komodo dragon. On the island of Rinca or even LohBuaya, you will discover hundreds of free-living Komodo dragons. To meet together, you ought to be monitoring first. Tracking monitor is separated into three distances. Among these are short, medium, and long.

The short trail has a distance of approximately 2 km. At the meantime, the moderate traveled a distance of 4 kilometers and long observation throughout the course over the 7 km. Additionally, to meet the Komodo dragon, you might stand with mad animals living on the island of Rinca. The island of Rinca is made up of a landscape of the outdoors. Thus, don’t ever do the act that raises the attention of those mad animals.

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