Aside from the capital city of Jakarta, Bandung is one of the favored cities to spend New Year’s Eve with family, friends, friends, or fans. Bandung itself is famous for having a lot of places that are used to being a subscription to New Year celebrations, and of course, with vibrant snacks. Following are a range of those areas that are the center of all New Year’s Eve parties in Bandung.

Dago Region

Dago Region Bandung is a place which always supplies a wide range of entertainment offerings from the Bandung area. Well, throughout the time of the New Year celebration, usually here’s very crowded. Towards the finish of the year at this location, there are always events; creative people may take part in enlivening New Year’s Eve.

Bandung City Square

On the night of this turn of this calendar year, this region is usually full of a lot of vehicles, so the path to the location is often jammed. Nevertheless, should you want to feel the air that’s standard of Bandung City, the place of ​​Bandung Square are the best alternative? There are several snacks accessible here and various sorts of culinary specialties of Kembang City. Even more thrilling, usually held numerous kinds of entertainment which are comparatively reasonably priced and affordable.

But bear in mind, some congestion points around this region are often started from the mid-century, therefore, if you would like to dedicate a brand new year’s eve at this location, you should set the passing schedule as early as possible.

Lembang Region

This area is no more a puzzle. It is not incorrect if, in Lembang Bandung, there are many tourist places which are people’s choice to spend New Year’s Eve. Not just that, on weekdays and weekends there are a lot of men and women who visit this location, either only to wash their eyes or to vacation.

The number of destinations for the tourist and the atmosphere is quite fresh, and this region is among the popular areas. So don’t be shocked if this Lembang place is very suggested for people who want to enjoy New Year’s Eve with family or relatives.

Tagalega Field

Tagalega is indeed renowned for its audiences, and this area always presents its colors for its customers. That feels amazing every night of the turn of this year. Nothing wrong if this area is still occupied.

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