5 Strategies to Encourage a Healthy Work-Life Balance as an Entrepreneur

The work-life balance’ is in the spotlight nowadays. This concept has become an eye-opener for every organization; they want to realize the importance of personal and family life.

Everyone is talking about this concept, but as an entrepreneur, are you seriously taking any steps to promote it? Many organizations, not all, are doing it. Do you know it is instrumental not only for the employees but for the organization also?

Are you rigid with the working hours?

Are you focusing on your comfort level? You want employees to work according to your schedule? Many people may be satisfied with the 9-5 working hours, but others may need flexible timings.

Do you stick to particular working hours? Provide some flexibility depending upon the nature of the business. You want the people to work for 8 hours, give them the freedom to choose the time according to their suitability.

Are your employees feeling frustrated?

Do you keep an eye on the employees? If you take the pain to observe them closely, you can get to know how happy they are. You can make out the difference between contented employees and frustrated one.

Check the energy level. Keep a watch whether an employee is taking long breaks, unable to meet the deadlines, quality is not up to the mark, or energy level is low.

These symptoms are of burnout and show that they need a break.

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Allow work from home:

What do you think; you can spy better on people when they are working from the office? A fallacious approach! An employee may be ill or may have some personal problem, and at the same time, you have prioritized tasks to do that you cannot delay. What will you do in this case? Rather than commanding them to come to the office, give them liberty by asking to complete the task from home at their convenience time.

Do not forget that efficiency matters:

What do you think; an employee working from 9-to-9 is productive and a star of the company? Staying back late at offices and stretching has disastrous consequences. It raises the frustration level of people; after all, they are human and not robots.

Focus on increasing efficiency. Find out ways to enhance productivity and end the culture of overtime.

Do not chase the perfection:

You cannot make the work-life balance perfect. A small change can lead to improvement and a satisfied workforce. A last-minute urgent task may come up. An employee may have to cancel the family outing. It happens!

Balance out by compensating it and rewards them for the extra effort they put in to accomplish the task.