5 Beaches in Bali with Beautiful Sunsets

Dusk is a magnet for tourists who are visiting natural attractions in Bali. Travelers will not miss catching the sunset with views of the orange sky that produces stunning silhouette photos. To get this perfect natural atmosphere, tourists must visit the correct location. Before hunting for twilight, it would be nice to find out about the best locations to look for twilight.

Bali has so many cool spots to get the best sunsets. Come before the afternoon arrives so you don’t miss the sunset moment. Here are some of the best locations to enjoy the sunset on the island of Bali.

  • Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is usually included in the mandatory agenda of travelers who are on vacation in Bali. The beach is an icon of the Island of the Gods is the most popular place that you should not miss. The vast white sand combined with the blue sea water is a sight that you can see. This beach has 2 km of coastline that is shaped like a crescent moon. Around it is lined with coconut trees on the beach which adds to the perfection of the existing scenery.

Foreign tourists are most happy to watch the sunset from Kuta. This makes many tourists, both local and foreign, come at the turn of the year. Because of the beauty of the sunset, tourists dub Kuta Beach as Sunset Beach.

  • Melasti Beach

Melasti Beach is located in Banjar Kelod. This beach was once a shooting location for the famous artist Julia Robert. To get there, tourists have to travel approximately 26 Km from Denpasar City and 3 Km if taken from Ungasan.

This beach is also the place for the traditional Balinese Melasti ceremony. For this reason, it is called Melasti Beach. The Melasti ceremony is a self-purification ceremony before Nyepi Day.

The main charm of this beach is the location of the beach at the end of a high limestone hill. From the top of the rock near the beach, tourists usually enjoy the sunset. Many tourists flock to capture the sunset from a height of 100 meters above the hill.

  • Asah Hill

Asah Hill is located in Bugbug Village. The hill has a beautiful natural beauty and a calm atmosphere. Therefore, many tourists call it The Silent Hill. Here, tourists can enjoy the sunset while camping.

You will feel another sensation when camping here because you can see the sunset as well as small islands. To get to Bukit Asah, tourists have to take about 30 minutes from Candidasa.

There is a slope that is often used as a very romantic spot to watch the sunset with your partner. Here, you will find many stalls selling food and drinks to quench your thirst.

  • Dreamland Beach

Tourists who come to Garuda Wisnu Kencana will usually stop by Dreamland Beach because of its close location. This beach has a slightly rough and white sand beach, which is perfect for relaxing. Here, tourists can rent an umbrella complete with a sundeck to watch the sunset. This beach faces west, so it is a suitable beach to enjoy the sunset.

  • Pemuteran Beach

Although not as famous as Kuta Beach or Sanur Beach, Pemuteran Beach is ideal for enjoying the beautiful sunset. This beach has a very epic beauty and is not inferior to other Bali beaches. In addition, this beach has a very calm atmosphere.

Foreign tourists choose this beach as a place to do meditation. Pemuteran also has the beauty of colorful fish and various coral reefs. So here you can all do snorkeling. As the afternoon approaches, Pemuteran shows a twilight view that dazzles every eye that sees it. The sunset is even more beautiful because it is behind a cluster of mountains on the island of Java. A sight that will not be boring to look at for quite a long time.

The twilight atmosphere in Bali is indeed the dream of almost all tourists when planning a vacation. And one of the things that must be on the agenda is hunting for cool spots that offer the best sunset views. Hopefully, the place recommendations above can provide insight for twilight hunters on the island of Bali.

Vacation is more than just the scenery. And it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Bali by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.