5 Amazing Waterfalls with Exotic Views in Banyuwangi


The increase in tourist visits from year to year in the city of Banyuwangi occurs because of the charm of its natural beauty. Starting from beach tourism to other natural scenery still seems natural.

You need to know, now the Banyuwangi waterfall tourist attraction is also starting to be glimpsed by many tourists. If you intend to visit waterfall tourism in Banyuwangi, here are some recommendations EireTrip national park attractions for waterfall tourist destinations that you can visit.

  • Pertemon Waterfall

This Pertemon waterfall is located in a very hidden location. It is in the Hamlet of Connectrejo, Bayu Village, Songgon District, Banyuwangi. Along the way to the waterfall’s location, you will see a refreshing view of rice fields and plantations.

The route to the location can be started from downtown Banyuwangi. Then the journey continues to the Rogojampi sub-district until you find the market. From this fork in the market, you can take the right direction to arrive at Songgon sub-district. Arriving at this sub-district, you will find directions that lead to the Pertemon waterfall.

  • Tirto Kemanten Waterfall

This waterfall is named Tirto Kemanten because this waterfall is like a bride and groom side by side. Located in Wonorejo Village, Kalibaruwetan City, Banyuwangi, this tourist attraction can be reached by traveling from Kalibaru station as far as 50m.

Then you can turn left until you find the first intersection and turn right and then turn left until you find the PTPN XII plantation. From this plantation portal, you can go straight until you enter the gate of Wonorejo village. Furthermore, from here, you will find the asphalt and dirt border road. The journey then continues by turning right to find the tourist location of the Tirto Kemanten waterfall.

  • Jagir Waterfall

The waterfall is located in Glagah, Kp. Anyar, Banyuwangi has a height of approximately 10m with a pool of water just below it. Here you will be spoiled with natural views that are still beautiful with very clear water.

If you depart from the five intersections in the center of Banyuwangi, you can go to the Sasak Perot terminal. Then, go straight until you find a barong statue and at this fork, you can take a straight direction by crossing Kemiren village and Taman Suruh village. It doesn’t take long, you will arrive at the new village hamlet. From here, the waterfall’s location can be reached by passing through the steps as far as 100m.

  • Selendang Arum Waterfall

Selendang Arum Waterfall has a height that reaches 20 meters. If you plan to visit this waterfall, you can slide to Sumberasih Hamlet, Sumberarum Village, Songgon District, Banyuwangi.

The route to the location can be started from the Genteng sub-district. Arriving at the Gendok T-junction, you can turn left until you pass the clove plantation. Next, you will come to a fork and then turn right. Arriving here, you can ask the residents around the tourist location to find the Selendang Arum waterfall.

  • Lider Falls

Lider Waterfall is located in Sumberarum, Songgon, Banyuwangi. This Banyuwangi waterfall has a height of about 60 meters. Its location at 1600m above sea level makes this waterfall feel like a relaxed, natural environment with beautiful views. Your journey will cover a distance of 45km if you start from downtown Banyuwangi.

Starting from downtown Banyuwangi, you can go to the Genteng sub-district then to the Sempu sub-district with a distance of 7km. Do not stop here, the journey is continued to the village of Sumberarum by crossing the village of Jambewangi.

Arriving at Lider hamlet, you still have to cover a distance of 3km to reach the end of the clove plantation. This is where you enter post one lider waterfall. Then you can continue your journey by following the directions.

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