What You Should Know About Buying a Convertible

If you are looking for a Maserati convertible for sale or another convertible, there are some things you want to keep in mind. Buying a convertible isn’t about practicality. Instead, it’s about enjoying the open air and driving experience. In past years, convertibles were only good for fair weather, but modern convertibles require less compromises. Many models can shed the top in less than 20 seconds and some will even allow you to raise it while driving.

Different Types

There are different types of these vehicles available that you should know. Roadsters are built with two seats and can be fun to drive. Pick a roadster if you want a faster sporty car that prioritizes performance over quietness and comfort. These are not built for practicality and can lack trunk space and sit lower to the ground. Convertibles tend to be more mainstream and can sometimes seat four in larger models. Traditional convertibles are a good option if you want the open-air driving experience but still want something practical. Upscale and luxury options, such as a Maserati convertible for sale, will offer a powerful engine and well-equipped interior. These are for drivers that want to combine form and luxury.

Features to Consider

These are the features you want to consider when purchasing a convertible.

Fuel Economy and Engines: Engine choices for a convertible can range from smaller four cylinders to powerful V8 engines. Some of the turbocharged engines will require premium fuel, which can add to the operating costs. A non-turbocharged engine can lead to better fuel economy.

Drive Wheels: Some models use a front-wheel drive, while many roadsters will feature rear-wheel drive. Front-wheel drive will usually give better traction in slippery conditions. Rear-wheel drive will provide better steering and handling on a dry road. Some models are also available with all-wheel drive, which can offer better traction during bad weather.

Interior Storage: Soft-top convertibles are less secure. Most convertibles also have locking glove boxes and can have more locking storage areas behind or between the seats.

Access: Unfortunately, convertibles don’t offer much headroom, which can make an exit and entry harder. Roadsters will sit lower to the ground, making it even harder to enter and exit.

Seating: Depending on the model you choose, seating can range from two to five people. Since the top folding mechanism takes up valuable space, many convertibles will have smaller back seats. Some four-seaters have a seating arrangement that doesn’t give much room in the back, even for children.

Cargo Space: If you want cargo space, then this could be the wrong class of car to choose. Many don’t have any rear cargo space since it stores the convertible top. If you regularly need to carry items, bring them with you when you shop.