What Specifications To Look For When Choosing Dedicated Hosting?

A Dedicated Server is one of the costliest and most powerful options in web hosting. When you start looking for a hosting server for your site, you can choose between Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Servers Hosting based on your needs. Of these, a Dedicated Server Hosting plan offers the maximum control over the hosting environment since your site is the only user of an entire web server. Dedicated web hosting servers offer full root access and allow you to make any hardware or configuration changes to create a hosting environment that is apt for your needs.

When you decide to buy a dedicated hosting plan, you can choose between Windows and Linux Dedicated Server Hosting, HDD and SSD Dedicated Hosting, and Unmanaged and Managed Dedicated Hosting plans.  You also need to ensure that you choose the right specifications for the server based on the requirements of your website. In this article, we will talk about the specifications that you need to look for when choosing a Dedicated Server.

Processing power

The processing power of the server is one of the most important aspects. To ensure that your dedicated server has the optimum processing power, you must focus on the CPU. There are two aspects of the CPU that you need to keep in mind:

  1. Number of cores – CPUs having more cores are considered to be more powerful
  2. Frequency – The clock speed of the CPU can determine how fast it can process requests and get ready for the next one


The memory available for processing tasks is as important as the processing power of the server. If you have a dedicated server with high processing power but low RAM, then it will be unable to process requests fast. Hence, make sure that you get adequate RAM allocated to your dedicated server.

Type of Storage

Traditionally, all servers were made using a Hard Disk Drive. These were mechanical drives that use a rotating disk and a moving needle to store and retrieve data. However, this physical movement made them prone to wear and tear. Also, the processing speeds were restricted. Eventually, Solid State Drives or SSDs were introduced that were faster and more reliable than HDDs. You can choose between HDD and SSD Dedicated Servers as per your needs.

Hosting Bandwidth

The dedicated server hosting plan should allow you to transfer adequate volumes of data every month at reasonable speeds. Make sure that you check these aspects before signing the dotted line.

Summing Up

While these are some basic specifications that you need to keep in mind, when you opt for a dedicated server, you must ensure that you get it tailored to your needs. Hence, you can start by analyzing the hosting needs of your website and your business. This can help you create a list of functionalities that you need from the web server. You can then talk to the host, explain your requirements, and get a dedicated server with specifications customized to your site. Good Luck!