What is the procedure for applying for an MS abroad?

A Masters of Science degree from globally accredited varsities and institutes is a coveted certificate. After completing your degree in science, you may like to study MS abroad. You may be the one with aptitude and interest for any specific science stream and a master’s course in the domain will surely aid in your knowledge and skill development. After completing the MS program you can apply for research, academic or industry based work.

Getting admitted to your preferred college will take its time and process. The following needs to be taken care of if you are planning to take up MS in abroad:

Do your groundwork

You can enroll in an MS program in India as well as abroad. To save any loss of time start early. Make a list of colleges. Find out about accreditations and recognitions, rankings, faculty, facilities, course fee, living costs and maintain your data. You would also have to think about paying for your course. Will you be able to get a scholarship? Can you get an education loan? You may also decide to self finance and take up part time job while studying. All this would be the preliminary research work that will play a very important role in making a decision right for own self. And this will be more than half the work done.

Get the exam scores

Work well in your degree course to get high scores. Also take the GRE exam. Top US universities accept GRE scores not more than two years old. You can take GRE for MS exam while in your final graduation year. Also if you want to study MS abroad you must have proficiency in English or the language the course is taught. If you are applying for US and Australian university, take the TOEFL and IELTS tests. If you are applying for MS course in Russia, you may have to take an additional course in Russian language.

Update your passport

Without a valid passport you cannot leave the country. Nowadays getting a passport or renewing old one has been put on a fast track. You can apply for a passport in normal mode or tatkaal mode. In the normal mode of application you can expect to receive your passport within two to three weeks. In tatkaal mode you can get fresh or renewed passport within one to three days. However tatkaal mode fee is higher than the normal mode.

Apply to the shortlisted universities

From the list of universities, make a short list of four or five. You would need to pay money to get the admission forms so it is best to apply where you have high chances of being selected. If you have good scores and have worked out your finances then you can apply in the top rung world varsities. Before applying to the selected institutes, know in detail their admission process and criteria. Most universities send confirmation for admission seats. It is best to set out for foreign destinations upon receiving the confirmation. You may take help of an accredited agency for counseling and guidance.

Apply for visa

You need to apply for visa at least three weeks before leaving for your overseas destination. Visa application process can be started three months before you are planning to leave. The latest date of visa application is 15 days before travel.

Get cover and insurance

Make your study MS abroad as safe as possible. Get covered for the major risks involved in travel and overseas stay. Top insurance companies are offering comprehensive student insurance products that can be purchased online in a few easy steps.

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