What Can Be the best Way for becoming a Tax Preparer

The Accounting Tax use their knowledge and skills in taxes and applicable tax law to advise their clients on tax payments, as such, provide consulting services to companies and individuals to minimize the impact of tax payments.

Most Tax Preparers work for accounting firms, businesses, or government entities. Those who work for firms or agencies provide their services to third parties or individuals who require guidance in handling their taxes; however, there are professionals who choose to work independently or independently in order to develop their own portfolio of clients. You can visit for the best deals.

Here are the most common functions of a Tax Accountant:

Collect tax information from clients and companies:

  • Review financial books and balances.
  • Analyze financial records, systems and budgets.
  • Conduct audits and interview clients to gather additional information.
  • Analyze the information collected to determine possible tax exemptions or reductions:
  • Calculate the amount of taxes to cancel.
  • Design strategies to reduce the amount of taxes to be canceled.
  • Meet with clients and supervisors:
  • Explain tax legislation using non-technical language.
  • Promote ways to reduce the payment of taxes.

Develop strategies to reduce tax payments:

  • Detect potential deductions.
  • Be familiar with the tax law.

Deliver tax reports in a timely manner:

  • Complete and submit tax return forms within the established times.
  • Meet with the tax authorities on behalf of your clients or employees:
  • Negotiate the inconveniences related to the payment of taxes with the corresponding authorities.
  • Review the discrepancies in income, expenses and amounts that do not fit properly in the corresponding balance.
  • Detect possible solutions for discrepancies.

Meet with the company authorities to review the tax plan:

  • Explain strategies for reducing taxes.
  • Explain the current tax legislation.
  • Make suggestions about the impact of taxes on the company.

In the labor field of Tax Preparers, junior positions are open to applicants from various disciplines, however, the vast majority usually have studies in Public Accounting, Taxation, Tax Consulting, Business Administration, Mathematics or other related careers. Those candidates with previous experience in Sales and Customer Service have an added value in their profile. Additionally, it is important that the applicant is registered with the Professional Association of Accounting and Tax Experts of Spain, an entity that groups together the practitioners of Accounting and Taxation to protect and promote the profession in the country.

Due to the fact that the tax or tax area is conceived as a specialization within the discipline of Public Accounting or Tax Accounting, most of the job offers are offered by accounting firms or companies with a department dedicated to the area within their structure.


Generally, Tax Preparers must adhere to a regular workday of a maximum of 40 hours per week; However, when a management date is approaching, for example, the end of the fiscal year, the volume of work increases, which implies working for a longer amount of time. Finally, independent or autonomous work seems to be a constant in the case of these professionals. However, the vast majority of these professionals choose this modality after having several years of experience under their belt, with a reputation and a good portfolio of clients.