Besides the house, car is your next biggest investment. The majority of car owners don’t allow anyone even from their family to drive it. So, when there is a need to have the vehicle transported long distances, they feel perplexed. They don’t mind paying an auto transport company because it ensures safe and timely delivery of their precious possession. 

If you desire to get your car transported across the nation then Ship a Car, Inc. is the best vehicle transport company in the US. During the transport process, the SAC team interacts with their customers at every step. There are car collectors, who buy from online car auction sales and need a shipping company that offers international transport services. If you plan for an international car delivery, then ensure to read the fine print before signing the contract.

The auto transport service providers try a lot to make your international shipping experience smooth and fast. Unfortunately, they cannot do anything if the shipment gets held at the US customs. The governing bodies and the border protection agency need to check document validity for exporting containers and goods to prevent tax evasion, contraband, and smuggling. The US custom procedures are legal delays and they are due to several reasons.

Custom delay types

Customs backlog – Customs hold the shipment as it is in the queue, waiting for clearance. 

Random physical inspections – During Vehicle & Cargo Inspection and checks from Anti-Terrorism Contraband Enforcement Team the content in the container gets X-rayed. If there are discrepancies a Statistical Validation Hold gets allotted regarding the actual value, documents, weight, or exported good details. A Commercial Enforcement Hold is applied, when the US safety standard as required does not get fulfilled or there is a violation of a registered trademark. 

Nevertheless, with a reliable international vehicle transport company, customers don’t need to worry about the US custom clearance. You just need to provide a passport copy and your contact number, bill of sale if the car was bought at an online car auction and information of the consignee in the destination country. 

Who covers extra expenses and fees for custom delays?

Neither the custom body nor the auto transport company is liable for the inspection charges. If a shipment gets delayed, the customer is responsible. The extra charges will differ from one port to another within the US. It depends on the inspection type performed. 

If the container just gets opened, the charges will not be as much as if there was a full inspection. Even consider the demurrage fees associated with the destination country customs, if you forget to pick the car from the container within ten days on-arrival. 

What steps to take if customs hold your shipment?

If the US Customs hold your shipment, contact the car transport company. Ask them about the problem and provide the necessary documents. Remember, the incorrect or missing document can cause undesired custom delays, so provide correct details right from the start. Ensure to pay the incurred charges in full because the US Customs will not clear your car otherwise.