Tips to having a successful marriage in New York



Marriage is a big deal for anyone. Regardless of where you want your marriage to be, it would surely need some preparations before the day for the ceremony. While you might want a big or small ceremony, there is one thing which is fundamental and must be done as long as you reside in New York. That is your acquiring of a marriage license.

Getting a marriage license in NYC is a pretty straightforward process with the help of the U.S marriage laws website. A marriage license is usually gotten from various town clerks or boroughs around the city. Here are some of the steps which you would have to take when you are applying for a marriage license in NYC;

Town Clerk’s Office

The very first step which you would have to take when you are applying for a marriage license is to go to the town clerk’s office. You must go along together with your spouse. It is important to note that no other person can act as a representative for you when it comes to applying for a marriage license. This is even true even in situations where the person is given a power of attorney. Even though you have a marriage license affidavit, it would not be regarded as a valid means to avoid being presented for the application of your marriage license.

If you are doing the registration in New York City, then you would most likely be allowed to do this online. This is beneficial as it fastens up the entire process. However, you would still need to be present at the office to finalize the application.

Filling the application

Whether you are filling the form online or on paper, there is a very high need for you to fill out accurately. So after you feel you have filled the form, the next step would be to proofread it again. This would ensure that you notice any errors which you might have made and correct them immediately.

Paying the fee

Yes, the application is not free by any stretch of the imagination. You would have to pay application fees, and it varies depending on where you are. If you are in NYC, then you would have to pay $35 for the application. However, if you are out of the city, then the payment would most likely be around $40. All payments which you have to do must be done with either a credit card or through a money order which has been issued by you.

Getting your married license

Once you are done with the necessary procedures, the next step would be to get your marriage license, and you should get this immediately for good reasons. One of these reasons is the fact that you have only 60 days to act on your marriage license. After 60 days, the marriage license would expire, and you would have to apply for another one. However, this is different from persons who have served with the military. They get a marriage license which can last up to 6 months or rather 180 days.

Final Checks

Once you have gotten your marriage all done and dusted, it would be time to have one final look at your marriage license. This would be necessary to ensure that you have all the signatures required by the law signed on it. The signatures which would be required would include the signatures of you and your spouse, the signature of a witness and the officiant who was at the wedding. Once all these signatures are present, the marriage license can be deemed to have been executed validly.

The choice of the officiant, in this case, is all left to you. However, certain persons are considered to be eligible. These would include a clergyman that belongs to any religious group, the mayor, any judge (federal) and even the city clerks. However, it is important to note that at least in New York City, captains of ships cannot qualify to be an officiant of a wedding.

Getting your marriage license in NYC is a long but fruitful process. Once you have got your application completed successfully, it should be smooth sail from then.