Advertise your business in local directory. It means if you are a resident in Brisbane or Sydney then check Bleen, the directory that connects local customers with the different kinds of service providers. If you are in the skip bin hiring business then make sure to mention the different bin sizes you provide because customers gain a clear idea of the sizes and prices you offer.

Customers looking to hire skip bins for their BBQ outdoor party or renovation or migrating must know about the different sizes available. As the size gets larger the skip bin rates also increase. Customers don’t desire to end up with an extremely big bin. If they don’t estimate properly and choose a bin that is not sufficiently large for the task then there will be a need to rehire a new one in the middle of your project. Remember that rehiring a new one can increase the cost more than selecting a single large size.

How to determine the correct skip bin size?

There are a few things to consider when you determine the correct skip bin size.

What needs to be disposed of?

Are the items compact like soil, stones, and bricks or bulky like furniture or branches or building materials? In case the items can be compressed before loading then there is no need for much space as the things can be broken down.

What is the project size?

In general, large projects need large sizes of skip bins. In general, a 3m³ bin can hold 8 wheelie bins content, while 7m³ can fit 24 wheelie bins waste. If the items are large then the estimation of wheelie bins is hard. Here are some guidelines offered by experts you need to consider before hiring skip bin online.

  • Bathroom renovation – This project will need 3m³ skip bins.
  • Kitchen renovation – This project will need a little large around 5m³.
  • Moving house – The bin size depends on the home size and the amount you are throwing away. Large cleanup and the moving project will need 7m³ but if you are ditching a couple of small furniture and unused items then 3m³ is sufficient.
  • Demolition – Calculate demolished debris volume [length x breadth x width] and multiply the volume by 1.5.
  • Deceased estate – Choose a 12 meter to skip bin because the entire estate is cleared and if you plan to keep some furniture or belongings then choose something smaller.
  • Excavation – For excavation projects, the skip bin size will be similar to demolition projects. As soil compresses more efficiently multiply the debris volume by 1.3 and determine the size.

Where will the skip bin be placed?

You will need sufficient space to keep the sip bin for allowing proper waste loading and management. Skip bin cannot be parked along with public property or road. It is suggested to keep the skip bin close to the home entry or exit points. It makes moving waste and trash faster and efficient.

Ensure the materials dumped in the skip bin are safe. There are some materials, which are not allowed to throw in the skip bin. It includes food, batteries, generic chemicals, paints, flammable items, and asbestos. The items are harmful to the workers. Therefore, refrain from disposing of unsafe items in the skip bin.

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