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The Florida Room: Why You Need to Add It in Your Home Right Now

You’re looking at your home thinking, “what else can I add to this space?” Although you have a living room, dining area, movie room and bedrooms, you’re still looking for that extra space that will make your home a little bit cozier and more inviting.

Have you thought about a Florida room?

Understanding the Florida room

Named after the state that’s known for the laidback lifestyle, the Florida room is essentially an extra room or space attached to the back part of the house and designed to let as much natural air and light as possible.

Born in the 50’s and 60s, the Florida room was created for homeowners who want to enjoy outdoor living without actually being outdoors. This room is also called a conservatory, patio room, solarium or garden room, but Florida room sticks more because it allows homeowners to imagine that laidback Florida lifestyle.

The elements of a good Florida room

You will not run out of design ideas for a Florida room and the possibilities on the use of this space is also endless. In fact, there are no strict rules on how a Florida room should be utilized, so you can design and use it however you want. But here are some very important elements that will make your Florida room a great addition to your property:

  • An outdoor kitchen. In most cases, a Florida room is designed to include an outdoor kitchen where you can prepare and cook food to be served to the outdoor dining area in the same space.

This saves you time running to and from the kitchen and you get to give your guests that real homey experience as they watch you cook. Some Florida rooms even include a pizza oven and outdoor grill since this space is perfect for high heat cooking.

  • The backyard. Although there are no rules that say you should put your Florida room in the backyard, it’s the perfect spot for it since you’re trying to steer away from all that noise from the street and create a space where you can relax. The Florida room is also a great transition from your home to your backyard where you can grow plants and vegetables to enjoy.
  • Glass panels. A Florida room is meant to be enjoyed all year-round, so glass panels are usually installed to keep the room warm during winter without necessarily obstructing your views to the outdoors. In most cases, you’re going to use a double-paned glass that will keep the cold wind out and keep the warm air in.
  • Lighting. If the natural light from the glass panels aren’t enough for you, it’s smart to add a skylight to maximize the lighting in your Florida room. It also serves as a great way to watch the stars as you relax in the space at night.

Investing in a Florida room also adds a lot of value to your property, so it’s definitely a win.