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The best methods For transferring house furniture

Moving a house’s baggage is one of the things that a lot of people may pass through their lives. We find many families moving from an apartment house to another house for several reasons, perhaps because of the old house’s narrowness or to buy a new house instead of renting or to rent a house near the children’s schools and many other reasons that motivate us To move from one place to another, we find a lot of people do not know what are the methods used, correct and safe in the transfer of the house luggage and what are the tips that must be taken into account when moving from one house to another, and what are the best companies that can be contracted with to transfer the house furniture in advanced ways and modern methods until its arrival For my new home safely Aman?

Transfer and relocation

The best methods of transferring the house

Good planning is necessary in the matter of transporting the furniture of the house in order to ensure the safety of moving furniture for each piece in it because without planning and in the presence of randomness and chaos, many things will be lost, damaged and broken for some pieces of luggage you have, we must seek the advice of experts and specialists in this field in order to follow the correct ways through which we will arrive For a successful transfer day without any losses, God willing. Transfer of luggage branching from it is very important things and must be done in the correct way to protect the furniture pieces from damage and scratches,

Among the examples of this, we find that disassembling and installing the luggage in the correct ways is one of the very necessary things to be done properly. If you do not have knowledge of this matter, you will be exposed to the loss of pieces of furniture and perhaps some injuries for those who did not know how to do this, there are a lot of specialized companies that do everything Special for transporting luggage, starting from inspection of luggage, disassembling, installation, packaging and proper packaging to loading it on transport trucks and delivering it to the location of your new home and arranging it in the new home without a single scratch, and there is no need for cleanliness also after transportation because companies take care of cleaning the entire furniture and then it is wrapped, and you only need to unpack Only.

Transfer and relocation in Mecca

The best advice for specialized luggage transport companies

When searching for companies to transfer luggage, attention must be paid to some important and necessary points through which it ensures the transfer of your luggage in a successful manner and without any trouble mentioned from you. Among these things:

1- Accreditation and legal confirmation of the company

The things that must be searched for in the transport companies, if the company is accredited and official and has its proper papers in the labor office, there are many companies that claim to be accredited and legally authorized to operate and we are surprised that it is an illegal company and depends on its work on cheap methods of transportation, something that hurts With your furniture a lot and cost you a lot of money, other than that there are unaccredited companies and fraud and fraud from the basis of their work, you must take into account the dependence on companies legally authorized and fixed in work offices.

2- A fleet of trucks of different sizes

One of the important things that we should look for in luggage transport companies is that these companies have different sizes of transport trucks, so your house may be large and has a lot of luggage, and the company you contracted with has only one medium-sized truck and cannot accommodate your luggage all at once, but You need two times to move the baggage and the cost will be the second time on your account. As for the companies that have a fleet of trucks of different sizes that satisfy its customer, then when inspecting your bag in the first visit to the home, you can choose the appropriate truck for transportation based on the size and quantity of the baggage and the transport will be only once. This is a point Very important.

3- Specialization, experience and lifting cranes

Companies that have an untrained staff on transporting luggage in proper ways lead eventually to fractures and scratches during carrying and releasing the luggage. Carrying furniture has its proper, followed and correct methods, and not randomly. In choosing a successful relocation company, which is to have hydraulic winches for lifting and lowering the furniture, the upper floors may be inhabited in buildings with narrow entrances and floors, so the descent of the luggage through the human element is a very big risk, and injuries and damage to people and luggage are many. In this case, the solution here is the use of these electric cranes that facilitate the task of landing through aspects of homes or large balconies and are also lifting the same way if the new home of the top floors this is also the most important reasons for the success of the transport giant companies with big name.

4- Modern methods and equipment for transporting luggage

The successful luggage transport company must possess all the advanced methods, means, equipment and tools in transporting the house luggage, such as packing and packing materials. The luggage transport companies must have because it is very important during transportation in preserving the luggage from damage and friction, and large companies are keen to bring packaging and packing materials with high raw materials Quality, dismantling and installation of furniture is also very important in the field of transporting, disassembling and installing luggage without damage.

5- Furniture storage warehouses

One of the most important things that complement the successes of large companies in the transfer of luggage is that they have warehouses and warehouses to store the luggage, so there are some cases that do not find a place before moving to store the luggage until the new house finishes the building or the new home is not empty and its residents have not yet gone and the old house you will leave I need his owner so you have to go to one of your relatives, family or friends to stay with them for a period of time until any matter ends in your new home and here you will need to store your furniture for some time, here comes the role of companies that have stores to store furniture, when you contact them they will come to you immediately and they will beautify your comfort on Sha Allocated Nathm and they take it to the storage depots for the period you need.

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