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Our bedrooms should be havens where we can go to in times of stress and where we prioritise sleep above everything else. Of course, we also read here, do things like crossword puzzles before night, pack our bags and put on makeup in these rooms.

Luckily, lighting experts have been thinking about ways to solve this problem. Here are a few of their suggestions for improving your bedroom’s illumination.

The Importance of Proper Bedroom Lighting

“Do you need desk task lighting?” Maybe some makeup-station illumination? A pretty lamp for the dressing room ceiling. Light layering is always necessary, but the optimal strategy differs from room to room based on its purpose.

Don’t let your bedroom become a dumping ground for clutter. The best place to begin when considering innovative ways to light up your bedroom is with comfort and relaxation.

Multiple sources of light should be used in the bedroom for the best effect. In addition to the main source of light, such as an overhead fixture, it is also recommended to strategically position accent lighting about the space. There you can make use of the modern bedroom lights.

Check the Weather and Temperature Here

Warm white or neutral white light may be used to create an inviting and functional bedroom. In addition, for peace of mind, it’s best if all the lights are around the same temperature. She recommends a colour temperature somewhere between 2,700K and 3,000K, the conventional range for incandescent lamps.

Do not mess with the light switches. Lampshades shouldn’t have fabric draping over them to diffuse or change the hue of the light they emit. A fire might start from here. Substitute lower-wattage bulbs for your current lighting setup.  Learn to effectively illuminate a room with natural light instead of artificial light sources.

One should first consider the origin of the light.

Do you have recessed cans or track lighting in your ceiling? Do you need general lighting? If this is the case, you may be able to replace your main light fixture in the ceiling with one that is less energy-intensive but still serves the same purpose. If the ceiling light is your only source of lighting, then you should choose a fixture with many light outputs and distribution angles.


Consider how high the roof is. Mounts that are flush should be used for ceilings no higher than eight feet, while semi-flush mounts should be utilised for ceilings nine feet or above. Some semi-flush mounts are horizontally oriented, making them suitable for lower ceilings. Chandeliers and other large lamps work well in rooms with high or vaulted ceilings because they allow for more creative lighting layouts.

Many like semi-flush mounting for the main light fixture in the ceiling. They provide a luminous ceiling appearance and may be adjusted to work with ceilings of varying heights. To my mind, it instantly elevates the style of any space.


Before you go further with the remodelling, consider adding ceiling fans. Worthington considers them indispensable. The other lighting choices you have will change depending on the one you choose. You may fix two problems with one purchase when you buy a fan that has lighting built right in.