Six awesome ways to celebrate your anniversary on a budget

Anniversaries are the special days of life, a day to remember your wedding vows and seeking blessings from the most special people of your life. Traditionally, anniversary celebrations are celebrated by throwing  parties where you invite all your friends and family. But if you want to break the conventional path, and keep the celebration a simple affair between you and your partner, then, we would say that’s a great move. Be it first, tenth, twenty fifth or fiftieth, you can be both romantic as well as financially smart to celebrate your anniversary. Right now if your priority is to save money for kids’ higher studies or for your parents’ treatment, think about it first, because here we bring most awesome ways to celebrate your anniversary on a budget. Have a look:

  1. Dress up your stunning best before your spouse wakes up: Remember, the days when you were used to take hours to get ready for a coffee date or evening munching. Just like the good old days, this anniversary dress up your best before he/she wakes up and give him/her a memorable surprise. Luckily, if you are still thin and lean, then you can draw out the old dress from your cupboard. But, if you have gotten fat, purchase a new dress that you find absolutely sexy and amazing. Believe us this small act  will make your spouse feel like a Million bucks and he wouldn’t stop appreciating you and might get into a whole new romantic avatar like never before. Shhhhhhh!!
  2. Go for a movie show or a theatre: Entertainment is the right way to spend the most special day of your life. Just book a movie ticket or a theater show, four five days ago to avoid last minute rush. Order popcorn, lemonade and enjoy your “We” time. Laugh together, giggle together and make memories for lifetime.
  3. Serve breakfast to your spouse in bed: Everyone likes to eat, and what can be the better surprise of getting breakfast in bed. This gesture of yours would definitely be appreciated by your spouse and he would love you even more. Bringing breakfast in the decorated manner would be an additional idea to win the heart of your spouse, that too on a budget.
  4. Dinner Date at home followed by cake cutting: Instead of going out and spending off on restaurant bills inclusive of VAT and service charge, why not prepare dinner at home and serve your partner on a table decorated with candle nights. Mesmerize the room with awesome room freshener and set the beats of soothing music, further enhancing the romantic vibes all around. Post dinner, dance a bit and lastly surprise your partner with awesome choco truffle cake. For making cake arrangements, you don’t need to visit any bakery shop. Simply order online cake delivery in Meerut and make most of the day.
  5. Go fishing or trekking: There is something so magical about nature. There is no comparison of the materialistic pleasures of the World with nature’s serenity. So, why not plan your day amidst nature? Go trekking or fishing with your partner and enjoy your special day in a calmful manner. These pleasures cost nothing and may give you and partner an incredible experience for the lifetime.
  6. Write a love letter for your partner: Long time you haven’t written a love letter to the Mr. Right or Mrs. Right of your life. You were so busy taking care of children or establishing a career that you forgot the small ways to impress your partner and let him/her know their importance in your life. This anniversary, without any excuse, convey your feelings to your sweetheart in your own words and handwriting. Let his/her morning start by reading your love letter. Just try it! It really works!

To celebrate an anniversary, one doesn’t need to spend a hefty amount on throwing a big fat party or booking a lavish vacation. All you need is a great companionship and a happy day spent together. Even if you are running short of budget, you can celebrate on your day in the most bombastic manner. Just follow the one we have just discussed, putting no whole into your pocket.