RX100 Hero New Movie is Trending 2021 

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This movie is a Telugu romantic comedy film that focuses on the life of a middle-class boy who wants to marry a widow. Things change in drastic turns as the plot moves on. This movie was released on 19 March 2021 with a running time of 137 minutes. The film has been directed by the well-known Telugu film director PegallapatiKoushik. He has shown extraordinary skills to lead the film production into maximum efficiency for the best results. Bunny Vasu and Allu Aravind produce the movie under a single production house that is G2 pictures. The movie starred some excellent casts with exceptional acting skills. The Rx100 film hero KartikeyaGummakonda portrayed the lead role in this film as BasthiBalaraju and the female lead role by LavanyaTripathi as Mallika. Supporting cast roles are performed by actors like Rajitha as Mallika’s mother-in-law, Murali Sharma as Sekhar Samuel, Aamani as Balaraju’s mother and many more.

The film consists of some fantastic music composed by the famous Malayalam composer Jakes Bejoy. The Aditya Music company has released the soundtrack of the film. The music shows the romantic aspects related to the life of the lead role characters. Karm Chawla has beautifully executed the cinematography of this movie. With a promising and engaging storyline, the movie’s plot will amaze its viewers with satisfaction and entertainment.

The movie’s plot revolves around the life of a middle-class boy Balaraju, who drives a funeral car in the city of Vizag and lives with his mother Gangamma and bed-ridden father. On a sudden day, Balaraju was called for taking the dead body of Peter to the cemetery. At Peter’s house, he met Mallika, who has become a widow. Despite the circumstances, Balaraju falls in love with Mallika and helps her move on after the tragedy. Later, Balaraju tries to convince Mallika to marry him, after which the plot takes an interesting turn of events.

Balaraju also finds out that his mother, Gangamma, is having an affair with another man Mohan, wh loved Gangamma for a long time. After confessing the knowledge of this affair to his mother, Balaraju understood his mother’s feelings and how lonely she was for the past years. He decides to get his mother and Mohan together; meanwhile, Mallika reciprocates his love.

The plot takes a drastic yet dramatic turn to amaze the audience with a great climax. To know the complete story and enjoy the comic elements between this movie, watchchaavukaraguchallaga movie online on the aha app. Enjoy the romance and funny drama movie on this platform in the comfort of your home.