Hong Kong is one of the best jurisdictions to incorporate a company and is one of the top destinations for investors. To register a company in Hong Kong, one of the key requirements is to have a company secretary. Furthermore, the secretary is the bridge between Hong Kong jurisdiction and the company. In other words, the company secretary works as a company representative. HK Secretarial services are provided by either individuals or some corporate.

Things Or Qualities A Company Must Look For Hiring An Excellent Company Secretary

One of the crucial parts of a company moving in the right direction is how the company secretary functions. So while selecting a company secretary, the company must look for the best of the best. If the company secretary is an individual, then he/she must be a resident of Hong Kong, or if it is a corporate, then the entity must be registered in Hong Kong. From March 2018 any company secretary must have a TCSP license.

Familiar with corporate governance

The company secretary is one whose most time is spent on corporate governance. So while hiring a company secretary, one should hire a person with vast experience in corporate governance. With the development in the regulatory framework and corporate governance related to one’s business, company secretaries must be up to date with the developments.

The capacity for good planning

A company secretary must have good planning capacity. He/she must have good planning of meetings, arrangements, and other necessary things. The company can take feedback about his/her previous work and decide accordingly.

Taking responsibility

A company secretary must take responsibility for moving the company in the right direction with compliance to jurisdiction in Hong Kong. Secretary must be brave enough to guide the company in crisis situations, and he/she must highlight the issues that are hurting the company from moving forward.


Utmost commitment to the job is required by the company secretary. Company secretaries should feel responsible for achieving the company’s short term and long term goal.


The most important duty of a company secretary is to communicate at every level of management within a company. Without effective communication, it is impossible to move the company in the right direction. Company secretaries must scatter information to the board of members, shareholders, directors, and managers in an effective way. Skills like negotiating skills, teamwork skills, diplomacy, emotional intelligence, language skills are required to be able to be a good communicator.

Skills required for a good company secretary

In order to be a good company secretary, they should have good communication skills, interpersonal skills, motivational skills, diplomacy, problem-solving skills, and effective planning skills and teamwork skills.

People having above mentioned skills best fit for company secretary and also they need to have good corporate governance ability. With effective communication with top-level management, shareholders, managers, company secretaries must discuss the way a business or company can move forward in the right direction. To work as a bridge between the company and the government body, the company secretary plays a crucial role.

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