10th favorite dog of the nation, according to the classification of dog breeds most common in this country, the French bulldog is a perfect companion. But to spend long and beautiful years at his side, some precautions must be taken. With his muscular body, his broad and square head, his flat muzzle and his wrinkled skin, the French bulldog has everything of a molossoid in small format. He therefore has something to seduce all lovers of this type of dog, without having the “constraints”, small, little drooling and little barker, he is a perfect companion dog and adapts well to city life. But if he has much strength, the French bulldog still needs special attention due to the specificity of his breed.

Watch Your Breathing

The Frenchie Dog is a brachycephalic dog that is to say with a flat muzzle. As a result, he may have some difficulty in breathing. His breathing, often noisy, is characterized in particular when he sleeps by a loud snoring. Its respiratory problems can also be associated with heart disease (the breed has a predisposition to certain heart defects) and digestive problems. It is therefore important to have the health of your Bulldog regularly checked by a veterinarian. This one can carry out analyzes and possibly advise a surgical intervention in order to correct the abnormalities of the dog.

The French bulldog is also a dog that suffers a lot from heat. You should therefore never leave it in the sun and think about cooling it when the temperatures are high in order to avoid heatstroke.

Guarantee Him a Nice Coat

A good weekly brushing at least is recommended to take care of the coat of the Bulldog.

Feed It Well

And because the quality of the coat depends in part on the dog’s diet, it is necessary to offer him an adapted and quality food, even hypoallergenic or light if necessary.

Clean Your Eyes

Many dogs need a little regular eye cleaning. This is the case of the French Bulldog whose eyes can be maintained using physiological serum. The breed is often affected by entropion, a rolling of the edge of the eyelid inward. It can be corrected with a small surgical intervention when necessary.

Observe His Pace

It is important to take care of the look and the gait of the French bulldog: the breed is indeed subject to certain malformations and neurological affections which can hamper its motor system. A regular check-up with the veterinarian makes sure that his Bulldog is well. You will have understood it: having a French bulldog implies taking care of him and giving him a lot of attention at the height of the love he has for you.