Podcasting Your Way To Audio News In India

How we consume information, particularly news, has undergone a significant transformation. Newspapers, radio, and evening news programmes have all been disrupted by social media. The latest type to join these formats is a podcast. While it’s no longer as new in 2022 as it was a few years ago, it is still one of the latest formats to join the bandwagon of news broadcasts. News podcasts are the most popular among those who prefer to take their dose of news while on the move. 

You don’t have to wait for the morning newspaper or the prime-time tv update, and you can listen in while travelling to or from work or doing other tasks. There are several popular news podcasts that you can tune in to, from ones that give you brief updates to those with in-depth analysis and expert opinions.

Audio News-Listen The News on The Go!

There is a surge in news podcasts across the globe. These have given voice to journalism that uses non-conventional techniques, such as compelling storytelling, individualised accounts, and in-depth criticism. Even established media organisations like the BBC and The New York Times have acknowledged the potential and reach of podcasts. 

The adaptability of audio content is to blame for the exponential increase. Daily news, journalism, in-depth talks, storytelling, and more can all be included in news podcasts. By giving the audience a glimpse inside the newsroom’s operations and the journalistic process, journalists have the potential to develop a close bond with their audience.

News In The Podcast Version!

Podcasts are an excellent method to enhance newscasts. On the station’s websites, viewers can upload videos of regular newscasts, and podcasts can provide more in-depth information on some of the week’s biggest stories. The public decides when and how they want to absorb their news.

A reporter frequently has more material than is broadcast, which opens up various possibilities for repurposing that material for a podcast. For instance, one could publish the audio file of an entire interview.

News Podcast In India

From 4 million listeners in 2016 to a projected 95 million in 2021, the listener base in India has increased. From 71 million monthly active users, that represents a 34% increase.

Also popular are analytical podcasts on current affairs and the most newsworthy stories at any given moment. Though there is a sufficient number of very able competitors in this space, ET Play is a leading player because of its English audio news podcasts which offer sharp and intelligent analysis.

A holistic news podcast, the ET play podcast covers various topics from the world, markets, economy, politics, and crypto to opinions. ET play provides several options with in-depth analysis of a subject weaved together with all the updates and facts laid out straight.

The podcasts are well-researched and conversational, featuring top entrepreneurs and experts. The topics and how they are presented keep you hooked and yearning for more. 

Global events, such as the war in Ukraine and Sri Lanka’s economic crisis, key aspects of India’s foreign policy, and all key developments in the world of technology, such as how the metaverse is being developed, are explored in painstaking detail. If you love the audio medium and are hooked to news, there cannot be a better way to start your day!

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