Morganite Rings And The Important Things To Consider Before Buying Them

Morganite is a rare and precious stone that belongs to the Beryl family. Emeralds and aquamarine stones also fall into this category. Morganites were named after a famous gemologist J.P Morgan. It is usually found in pink or peach shades and is very famous for modern women. The morganite rings have a warm overtone and give an aesthetic and economic appeal. This has become famous ever since Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez with a pink shaded diamond ring. It will soon take over the market for diamonds as it is less costly and gives the same shine and longevity as that of any diamond jewelry.

Why choose morganite rings?

People who want to save money and get the perfect ring for their loved ones often consider morganite rings as the best choice. It is an alternative to Diamond, yet It is better than any diamond ring. These rings stand for the symbolism of fertility, romance, affection, appreciation for being there with your loved ones in times of need and prosperity, compassion, and elegance. However, one should not believe words but check it for themselves. It is much required for the wearer to do some research and then come up with the best ring for oneself and one’s loved ones.


If one is looking for a different ring than that worn by their friends and family members, they should always go for morganite rings. Diamond is a traditional gemstone that everyone uses and there is probably no unique design that one can surely say that it is owned by that person only. You might have seen your ring to be very similar to that of your friend or that possessed by your parents for grandparents. Morganite rings, being a new gemstone in the market, offers you the chance to stand out in the crowd.

Special appeal

The light pink or peach shade that a morganite ring has is very rare to be seen and gives a special appeal. It is hard to find diamonds in such colors and even if it is found, it is very hard to get it by the common man. In case you want something that appeals and attract everyone, it is better to go for morganite rings. The color which gives a warm tone Is very appealing and at the same time provides a kind of peace.  Many shops offer morganite bridal sets at a reasonable price and are best for engagement or wedding purposes.

Rose Gold 9mm Cushion Cut Diamond Wedding Morganite Ring Set

The 4cs of morganite rings

People often tend to look for the 4c’s before buying morganite jewelry or organize engagement rings. 4c’s include carat, color, cut, and clarity. The four cos are the most important thing that a buyer should look for before they commit to a particular piece of jewelry. As it is important, those 4c’s are described in detail.

  1. Clarity

Clarity Is the most important quality that diamonds or morganite should possess. The clarity of a particular piece of jewelry will tell it’s buyers about the maker’s commitment towards their jewelry. It should not have even the slightest of cracks or fractures. If your morganite ring doesn’t give the clarity, it should not be picked up as an everyday wear ring or an engagement ring. One can understand the fracture in a ring when it has a bright, shiny, flat surface. There are no visible fractures in a ring.

  1. Cut

A brilliant round cut, an emerald cut, marquis and oval are the different cuts available. The buyer needs to buy a ring with a cut that best suits their personality.

  1. Color

The color of a morganite ring differs from pale pink to peach, depending on its intensity. Darker colors are the most desired ones and hence are more costly.

  1. Carat

Morganites are available in bigger cuts and are affordable as well. But, it is often cut into small pieces to fit well in any jewelry. Choose the carat of your ring that depending on your choice and budget.

Factors to keep in mind before buying morganite

Morganite is not the usual diamond or the gold rings that are usually worn by people. It is a unique gemstone and does have certain unique requirements that one needs to keep in mind before selecting their rings. One needs to take care of the four C’s – color, clarity, carat, and cut. There are also some other things before one decides to just buy a ring. It is always advised to do some thorough research before buying any jewelry and look for authentication. Some of the things that one needs to keep in mind, other than the 4 c’s are as follows:

Chose the shop wisely

It is very important to have a budget before you decide to buy anything. It is always safe to have a little money in your pocket rather than being absolutely bankrupt. First chose the shade you want to buy, if it is in a darker shade, it is a bit costly than the lighter shades. If you don’t have the budget for getting a darker one, you can always go for the lighter shade, but it important that you are aware of the shade you want to buy so that you don’t feel embarrassed in front of the shopkeeper. If, after doing some research work you find out that you will be left with enough money even if you get the darker shade, it is advisable to get the darker one.

Set a budget

If you are thinking of saving some money and going for a different kind of ring, morganite can be your choice. But, before making it the ultimate option, it is necessary to do some research work. Morganites can be found in any big jewelry store, but each store has a different discount policy that should be known by the customer in order to choose the best store for your rings. Also, ask for authentication from the shop owner, and remember to check for proper certificates and documents after you have bought the jewelry.


In conclusion, morganites are a rare gemstone that can take place of beautiful diamond stones. You can buy it and even gift it to your loved ones.