When your home is perfectly decorated with beautiful and up to dated modern furniture, it seems that home is enough to speak out one’s personality and class. But the most annoying thing in the home is scattered unattended shoes cluttering all over the house. It is pretty obvious that you have a home, so you have to welcome your guests. But what about those dozens of shoes that too so unorganized.

Even if it’s not about the guests and you have a family of three to four members or more then? Each member likely to have shoes for different purposes and events, men, women, even children Which is enough to create a shoe museum. Then what is the solution? Well, the solution is a shoe rack. Yes, it is the shoe rack that will easily hold all kinds of shoes in an organized way.

Buying a shoe rack is the best option to get rid of littered shoes all over your home, but then again, you have to shoe rack according to your living space. Here are some cool types of shoe racks which you would love to buy.

  • Classic three-tier shoe rack

Everything organized well and properly has the best eye-catchy attractions. This shoe rack is perfect for those of small living space. Usually made of resin, It is easy to carry and assemble, and is just right-sized for about every wardrobe.

  • Hanging shoe rack

Have you ever thought of hanging your shoes or how it will look if you hang all of the shoes? Well, hanging shoe rack is the answer to your question. In this shoe rack, you can hang all kinds of your shoes like a pair of pumps, sneakers, loafers, etc. And the best thing about this shoe rack is that it does not consume too much space in your closet.

  • Over the door shoe rack

Whether it’s a bedroom, dining room, or study room, we utilize every available space, but we often forget or rather overlook the back of the door of the closet. If you want to make separate shoe racks for each person so that it doesn’t get mixed up then over the door shoe bag made of clear vinyl are just perfect to be fit in at the back of your doors.

Tips for placing shoe racks at home

  • Conclude the proper space

Before buying a shoe rack, you must focus on the space available in your living space or where you want to fit in your shoe rack. If you can’t make out such space but still want to organize your shoes well then opt for a portable, small height shoe rack that you can place under your bed or any large furniture.

  • Designs matter a lot

Not everyone wants to show their shoes or don’t want to see a wholesome shoe early in the morning. Well, it is, however, sophisticated. So, for that, there are many covered shoe racks available as well. If you want, you can go for a covered shoe rack for yourself.

  • Easy access

Place your shoe rack somewhere from where it will be quick enough for you to get them and then keep your shoes easily.