How to Dress Groomsmen and Bridesmaids in Wedding Colors

Typically, the color scheme is decided upon early on in the wedding planning process. And while we frequently observe these colors in floral arrangements or bridal party attire, grooms and groomsmen should undoubtedly participate in this motif as well.

In fact, there are numerous methods to use wedding colors in the groom and groomsmen’s attire that will appeal to various couples’ sense of fashion and tastes.

And we’ve enlisted the help of experts to help us comprehend them better. There are many ways to complement the theme of your wedding, both subtly and boldly, whether you intend to wear an emerald tie or a pink for your suit rental Singapore.

Should Grooms Adopt the Color Scheme of the Wedding?

It’s important to consider whether or not the groom and his groomsmen should wear wedding colors. The solution is not that simple (and yes, we are utilizing color expressions here).

For formal weddings, it is crucial for the groom and his groomsmen to subtly incorporate the wedding colors into their attire.

And in this case, subtle is the operative term. It’s not necessary to wear a tailored turquoise or ruby tuxedo jacket to incorporate color; a careful embroidered feature or lining hint will suffice.

The decision is ultimately up to you, just like with so many other aspects of your special day.

How to Use Wedding Colours

Your preference will determine how much or how little accenting color you choose to use once you’ve made that decision.

Here’s a useful way to see it: Everything in your wedding party and wedding venue should look like it belongs together and is a seamless part of a greater tapestry if you were to zoom out and see them all at once.

In order to achieve harmony, he emphasizes that colors used in weddings should be complementary rather than identical. This is always more tasteful, organic, and genuine.

Various wedding styles frequently necessitate varying levels of color (particularly brilliant colors).

Consider it as a sliding scale. You should use color more subtly the more formal the dress code. You can start to be more fun and flamboyant when the formality relaxes, such as for black tie optional, cocktail, and destination attire.

Style Advice 101

Our experts at Singapore wedding photoshoot offer some traditional and not-so-obvious tips for how to start incorporating your wedding colors into your outfits.

Remain with accessories

The easiest way to wear many tones is probably using accessories. Grooms and groomsmen also have the opportunity to accomplish this by wearing standout jewellery or flashier shoes than the bride. The pocket squares, and occasionally the bow ties or neckties, are creative methods to combine colors that pop or compliment.

Incorporate, Do Not Match

Make sure that no two groomsmen wear the same pocket square. It will seem more complementary and less matchy-matchy to keep them in the same color family but perhaps in slightly different colours or patterns, like stripes, pindots, or paisley.

Aim for the Smallest Details

Even more subtly than using accessories, adding color can be done.

The attention to detail feels exceptional and demonstrates a very considered approach to the groom’s and groomsmen’s styles. Colourful accents like utilizing the same thread color for buttonholes may be less “in-your-face,” but they are nonetheless noticeable.

Complete Commitment to Customization

Many couples, however, could decide to use a more-is-more strategy when incorporating wedding colors. If this describes you, accept it.