Everything You Need To Know About Marked Cards Contact Lenses

You must have seen magician playing tricks with cards. Isn’t it fascinating how every time they are able to guess the right card? For you it may seem to be magical but it of course some trick. Those of you who know about marked cards will understand what the magician is doing.

With the development of technology marked cards are no longer used by magicians. Today, it is also used in a poker game. For people who have used it they already know how rewarding it is. If you want to know about marked cards then you are in the right place. You can check out marked cards at this site: https://invisibleinkmarkedcards.com/

What Are Marked Cards Contact Lenses?

Before moving on to any further details, let us first know what exactly marked cards are.

To define it in simple terms, it is a magic tool that only few people know about. Well, this is why it is still considered to be a magic tool.

Marked cards are basically poker cards that are marked with invisible ink. The cards are either marked on the back or on the sides. It is not possible for you to see the ink with your naked eyes. It is visible only when you use an invisible ink reader.

These types of cards are widely used in many of the offline casinos. It is definitely cheating but you can still benefit from it. There are three main types of marked cards including marked cards contact lenses, infrared marked cards and barcode marked cards. All the three types can be seen only using different types of poker cheating devices.

You can use a pair of invisible ink sunglasses to identify a contact lens marked card on the table. If you are using a barcode marked card then you need a poker scanner and for the infrared marked card you need an infrared camera.

Why Are Marked Cards Contact Lenses Used In Poker?

Many players are known to use these cards. The reason is simple, they want to win. Since the cards are marked, it’s easier for them to identify which card is what. This means they can take their decision accordingly.

Even the most experienced players make use of marked cards to enhance their chances of winning. These cheating methods are mainly used when you are playing for real money or in a poker tournament.

Now that you know about marked cards, keep a watch on other players to figure out whether they are suing it or not. In fact, you can use it too.