Elementary School Fundraising Ideas That Will Leave You Satisfied

When it comes to elementary school, there are a lot of ideas that can help students grow, but there aren’t enough funds to make them come to fruition. What do you do when you are faced with such an issue? Do you groan in anger or continue pushing forward, hoping that somehow the funds will come to you? We love the second option, and that is why we have decided to draft up elementary school fundraising ideas that can do the trick for you. Before you know it, you will have the money that you crave for.   Be sure to visit Fundraising Zone for more information.

Matching Gifts Fundraiser

If you belong to a community that has a lot of businesses, this can work for you. There is much business that has community service funds that are set aside in their budgets to help the community that they find themselves in. You can easily use this to your advantage by contacting them. This is one of the best elementary school fundraising ideas out there. Let them know that your elementary school has a project it wants to complete, and you won’t mind if they could help you achieve this with their funds. Try and appeal to their egos, letting them know that this could be a good brand image for them.

You can tell them that you will let the community know that they are sponsoring a project. Businesses do community service projects for one reason or the other, but the major reason is to look good in front of the community. When you tell them that this elementary school project could avail them the opportunity to look nice, you will have them donating. Some may have a fixed amount that they can donate to you as far as you give them the publicity that they crave for. Others are flexible in how much they give out.

You may come across those businesses that want to give matching gifts to your elementary school. What do we mean by that? It is simple.

The local firm may decide to match whatever amount that your school raises in donation, up to an amount. We have had business firms that went up to match donations of up to ten thousand dollars that the school was able to raise on their own.

When you come across such a firm, it comes with a lot of benefits. The fact that the firm has agreed to match what is donated would make the PTA wake from their slumber and work hard. To them, the higher money they raise, the higher the amount that they can get from the local firm. This is one of the best elementary school fundraising school ideas out there.

Snacking fundraising Catalog

Do you know that you can raise funds through the selling of snacks? Yes, you read that right. Depending n how much you intend to sell, you can combine more than on ideas and use them to your advantage. It won’t be a bad idea if you look for local businesses that can help fund the project, and get snacks for the fundraising too. You can use a mix of delicious choices in this fundraising idea. You can use pretzels, peanuts, cashews, trail mix, malt balls, and so on.

Everything listed above is delicious, and a lot of people won’t mind buying them and giving much more for them.

A great part of this is that you don’t have to part with a lot to get these snacks. You can get them for about five dollars or even less. This way you can sell it to clients, and make money from the sales.

Using this method is one that can be said to a risk-free program. Why is this so? You aren’t expected to spend money on setting up the fundraiser. All you need to do is intimate those that live around about the snacks sales, and how you intend to raise money from it.

You can have them munching away on the snacks, while you make money from them. Your school can liaison with a business that can offer these to them free of charge or with massive discounts.

It could be a grocery store in your neighborhood or even the manufacturers of these things. Whatever way you can get the discounts, get it and earn money for the project.