Dubai as an entertainment spot

Dubai is a city that never sleeps. It is the busiest state of all the seven states that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Apart from its fluttering and flashy life, it has so much to offer for the people who get tired of working around the clock. That is the reason why people from all over the world plan a desert safari to experience the activities this place has to offer for the people on their holidays. It has the most amazing nightlife. Dubai is the home to the world’s greatest skyscrapers including the most famous “Burj Khalifa.”

Sights of Dubai:

Dubai has plenty of sights to attract to towards its beauty on your trip to Dubai. If you want to be amazed by the shopping life in this city then you should probably visit the Dubai Mall or the Emirates Mall to have the best shopping experience of your lives. These malls are a bundle of activities. It does not only provide your shopping experience but also give you mind-blowing entertainment activities.

Dubai Mall :

Dubai Mall has an entrance to the tallest building of the world the “Burj Khalifa” which 125 floors tall. You can visit this building to experience the view of this beautiful city from the top of “Burj Khalifa.” It also has the largest aquarium on the ground floor giving you the experience of the best Marine life.

Emirates Mall:

The Emirates Mall in Dubai not only provide a luxurious shopping experience but it is also home to a great Ski experience, known as Ski Dubai, which is an indoor Ski experience for you to enjoy on your trip to Dubai. It also has cinemas for you to enjoy after you are done with your shopping. Apart from this, it also has play areas for kids to keep them busy while you shop your heart out.

Miracle Garden Dubai:

To get Alice in the Wonderland feels, you can visit the Miracle Garden in Dubai, which is a blessing to your eyes. The arrangement of this garden is so amazing that it keeps you hooked on itself for a long time.

Jumeirah Beach:

When you have had enough fun in the daytime in Dubai, then sat across the beach in Jumeirah Beach, watching the sunset with your loved ones.

Burj Al Arab Hotel: On the Jumeirah, there is an amazing hotel the “Burj al Arab” hotel which is constructed like the shape of a wave. It is the most expensive 5-star luxury hotel in Dubai. You can visit this hotel for a greater experience in Dubai.

Moreover, there are plenty of food chains on the Jumeirah Beach to provide you with delicious food while you are enjoying the waves of the beach while sitting on the shore and admiring the beauty of the sun as it sets during your trip to Dubai.

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