Best free employee monitoring software for 2022

Corporates and companies use an employee monitoring software to increase the productivity by keeping an eye on the employees’ work. Often, a company can suffer loss because there was no strict code of professionalism in the office, which led to the employees slack during work. By using an employee monitoring software, the office can check the amount of work being done in a day, and the level of effectiveness being produced. In this article, we review some of the monitoring software that were the 2021 trends, and how these sites can help us in the coming year of 2022.

Before we proceed, let’s keep in mind that the freemium version of these software will not give us a full detail of how it works – rather a basic idea. It may showcase a brief summary, which should be enough to understand the work process of the software. If you want to have full functionality for monitoring the employees, you will have to pay for the software and buy its facilities. Most of the freemium version provide only 1to 6 screen monitoring, and help recording the basic working hours, level of productivity and how much time was spent in various applications, mobile application, and the keylogger, that is the keystroke recorder. Some of the freemium monitoring software may have multiuser, some do not. But still, this free software is as efficient as the paid versions. Now let us move on to the best free monitoring software for 2022.

  • Kickidler
  • ActivTrak
  • Hubstaff
  • DeskTime Pro
  • Toggl
  • Screenshot monitor
  • Tmetric

All this software is tested and reviewed to be proven reliable and accurate. The only differences between the free version and the paid version are that the paid versions of the monitoring software can be used on multiple screens, are multiuser, and have more storage to record and store data. Specific software offers monitoring for remote employees, customization options, unlimited cloud storage, and taking screenshots. Some also provide team management, project management, and other incentives to help employees create effective outcomes. Software like DeskTime Pro even has a pomodoro-tracker. Hubstaff software, who is in the third place – has an employee’s GPS signal tracker.

Workexaminer is a software, though is not included in this compilation, is an up and coming monitoring software that may become one of the best by 2022. They have both free and paid versions, but they have similar functions and provide the same facilities. You can monitor your employee’s web surfing, messaging, downloading and so on. It even has an option of switching between stealth and tray icon. It’s fast, and efficient. You can filter, manage various dashboards as per your company’s format, record, notify, and report the work progress through workexaminer monitoring software. Test our monitoring solution by going to this link.