There are numerous beautiful female characters in Telugu films. Here is the list of these women considered beautiful and talented in this field.

These women are not just beautiful but very talented in the acting industry. They have made a name for themselves using their talent and their commitment to the work they are doing. These women just prove to the world that resilience and hard work pays off. Click here to watch all telugu movies and web series in aha.


A story about an arranged marriage with a woman unwillingly agreeing to the marriage due to the family pressure and the fear of herself being the cause of her family’s hardships. The man, on the other hand, agreed to the marriage and is willing to make it work and be the husband he’s supposed to be.

The woman with a history of past love just couldn’t seem to love her husband and is having a hard time accepting him. But sooner or later, with them living together, things seem to be finding its own course.


The movie was set on a cruise ship on the river Godavari hence, the title. A romance between a man and a woman. The man is an altruistic young man with principles of his own. He seemingly falls in love with the woman who is a very independent woman who has a mind of her own. She wants to stand on her own two feet and refutes the saying that women cannot live independently.

The man was captured by the woman’s beauty and independent attitude, but she doesn’t seem to care for him nor be attracted to him. The story would revolve around how things will be for these two.

Raghuvaran B. Tech

He is the main character of this movie, Raghuvaran. He is a B. Tech graduate and is jobless; staying at home with nothing to do while his younger brother is already working. Because of his “tomorrow will still come” attitude, his father is irritated at him for his annoying attitude. His father would often see him and vent his annoyance at him every time.

The character adds to the plot when he falls in love with his neighbor.

Soon enough, he got a job that he wanted on the field that he studied, but the plot thickens in the following scenes.