7 Reasons for Participating in Poetry Contests 

Do you have a talent for creating poems? It would be best if you thought about developing it to create an admirable career. Most people never cultivate their poetry skills because they lack mentorship. Fortunately, you can start the journey by enrolling in contests. These events are vital in building a successful writing career. Listed below are reasons for participating in these competitions.

Professional Guidance 

Do you need expert guidance on how to develop your poetry skills? It is advisable to join the poetry contests. After submitting your work, it will be assessed analytically by the jurors. The judges can share their expert opinions about the poem. Their sentiments will assist you in recognizing areas of strength and weakness in your poetry skills. Hence, you can adjust accordingly to become proficient.


The competitions do not allow the poets to create poems they like. The organizers give them instructions to follow strictly. In most cases, contestants will write poems based on the given theme or topic. If they break any of the rules, the judges will disqualify their entry. Such restrictions cause the writers to think creatively. Eventually, those rules will reveal their hidden potentials in poetry.


You will discover the free poetry contests have prizes. In most cases, the organizers will award the first, second, and third exceptional poets. The awards are perfect for luring writers to join the contest. They also motivate them to do their best to acquire them. After submitting your entry, you will have an equal opportunity of bagging the top prize, which is valuable.

Free Contests 

Despite the numerous benefits offered by the competitions, many poets shun participating in them. Some avoid contests due to the entry fees. Luckily, you can take part in various free contests online. Some of them have a decent reputation. They attract large audiences, exceptional poets, and sponsorships too. You will have a fantastic experience joining such free competitions.


To become a better poet, you must set specific targets. Once you attain each target, your level of skill and expertise will develop. The best way to set realistic targets is by joining the poetry contests because they will be presenting you with various challenges. By learning from the difficulties in every competition, you will become a better writer. Eventually, you will start winning too.


To build a promising career, you will need the support of like-minded people who will assist in developing your poetry skills. Hence, it would be best if you had a perfect place to meet such people. The competitions present a suitable place for networking. As a participant, you will meet with other poets. Such meetings might build lasting friendships, which will benefit your poetry career in the future.


The writing profession is not for the weak. It is for professionals who are willing to overcome the odds to create a successful career. With many poets and writers, you will face stiff competition on your way to attaining self-actualization. Unfortunately, many people abandon their pursuit due to prevailing challenges. To develop stamina and competitiveness, join the free poetry contests.