We all know that it is not an easy task to be a leader and it is not possible for everyone to learn and understand how to carry various demands and ambitions of our company on our shoulder. We have to be very conscious and take a balanced approach, at time of taking tough decisions and soft while handling the staff. But it is not all about hard work and determination here and the power and authority that comes with this role. This is one of the most important lessons that we should know as a leader because the business world has changed and keeps on evolving perpetually. In today’s business world the employees also do have a lot of power as compared to what they used to have. Today they also demand to be felt personally invested in the company as well as want recognition for their efforts and hard work. But over and above they want to feel happy at work and be satisfied with what they are doing.

Considering all this with the changing times we also have to change ourselves and adapt accordingly. These calls for reinventing ourselves as a leader, so here are five simple ways that can help us in reinventing the leader in us.


First and foremost as a leader we should be an ardent observer and must always be busy scanning the world around us to capture new trends, ideas and movements that we see. Sitting in on our office chair for we cannot do it. Therefore we must break our routine and talk to various people in the industries and get to know their life out of the office. It will help us to relate with them and lead them with efficiency.

Its Okay to Be Humble

The idea that the managers and the executives are untouchable is outdated. Today there is more of a need of knowing that leadership is not all about power but about taking care of the people that we are responsible for. Even though if it does not mean to have any direct benefit to us.


We must appreciate the idea of networking as businesses may just begin with a handshake but for them to succeed traction and support is a must. Therefore we should strive to connect with our employees, clients and all the stakeholders at large.


Today we can find a plethora of material that supports as well as praise the notion of failure. But as Winston Churchill, a British army officer, writer and who was also the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom puts it “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

This on this part of the invention reference leadership quality we may have a fair share of own failures but we must not let it deter us from reinventing our leadership skills


We need to analyze the strength and weaknesses in order to reinvent ourselves. For that, we must know what our personal competencies are and what might work best in which situation and what might become a liability. This will help us in developing a strong perspective with regard to our own leadership as well as help us acknowledge the value of what we possess and how we can improve it.

For instance, we can look at Luigi Liscio, who is the CEO of Alto Properties, a multi-unit residential real estate company in Toronto that runs 859 Kennedy Road.