So here we will talk about online business that generate traffic organically with the help of search engine optimization. 

Nowadays most of the SEO agencies in India are always see your website URL to understand that your website is doing SEO or not there are certain factors to understand URL is doing SEO. 

So we will provide you the 3 best factors that will help your URL so friendly as follows:-

  1. Stuff keyword in URL
  2. Apply lowercase letters in URL. 
  3. How many words you should use?

1.stuff keyword in URL. 

  • When you set an URL title, the words are normally used sentence which does not have keyword relation words that is being fetch by Google crawler. 
  • So URL title should have keyword in it regarding your content of that page. 
  • When user search related to your content page they should understand that your title is related to their search. 
  • Choose your keyword from short to long tail to rank your page in search engine result page on 1st page
  • For eg:- SEO-agency-in-mumbai
  1. Apply lower case in your link. 
  • When you make your website title in that link with alphanumerics then it affects to user to know that your site not have navigation properly. 
  • Someone sites have a better sentence with proper keyword stuffed in it. Because of mixing uppercase & lower case letters in title it will not fetch the site to users.  Either iusers search in uppercase letters of your link or in lower case. 
  • So most of the SEO specialist & website developers apply lower case to navigate your site properly. 
  • For eg:- if someone search in search engine regarding your content like search engine optimization then it will show 404 error. 
  • But when you search / SEO then it will redirect to that location of your site. 
  1. Title length of URL? 
  • Most of the SEO Expert are applying different algorithm so they don’t say to you
  • But title length of your website link should use at least three to five words maximum in your link. 
  • Because every title word should not stuff with keyword. It should be bunch of explaination regarding broad keyword & with topic.
  • Atleast title should be minimum of 55 to 60 characters, that every users when they search related to your niche.Your title should completely see by users / audience to understand your work.
  • If any of the title length gets extends more than required characters. Search engine will rid the remaining characters accordingly to the desktop size.

This three key points will help your url strong and seo friendly. But most of the website development companies doesn’t have to keep title regarding to their title like php.

So these are the link building process to keep your url seo friendly. There are many other ways to make your url seo friendly and to learn more seo techniques you will get to know more, digital marketing agencies in mumbai will help you to make more ways to grow your business in online.