Huge mirror of the world

In the south of the desert plains of the Altiplano, Bolivia at an altitude of 3,650 m above sea level, lies a dried-up salt lake Salar de Uyuni.Its area is ​​10,582 km ², this is the largest salt marsh in the world. In the rainy season is covered with a thin layer of saline water and turns into a huge mirror.

25 Responses to Huge mirror of the world

  1. One of my favourtie places in the world. Need to get back there.

  2. miah says:

    this is awesome. i hope i can visit it some time!

  3. àlaloutre says:

    Oh my god! This is simply amazing! It must feel like a dream to be here!

  4. peter says:


  5. Luca says:

    If I had the money, I would already have been there =)

  6. Israel says:

    Awesome! I’ll go to Bolivia, for sure!

  7. Arianwen says:

    I’ll be there in October! I’m sure it’ll be one of the highlights of my South America trip. I only hope my photos are as good as these!

  8. Arthur Studholme says:

    ive been there its amazing!! the actually import salt to the country of bolivia! its really spiky on your feet though

  9. joni likens says:

    This is beautiful….it would be like walking on the clouds! I would love to visit here!

  10. Shelby says:

    Wow… there are some places in the world that are just far to amazing.

  11. Trevor says:

    new addition of places to go before i die

  12. Really awesome………

  13. bj says:

    This is beautiful. Thanks for enlightening me to it’s existence.

  14. Turtle says:

    Beautiful photos! You’ve captured the magic of being there so well!! I was in South America earlier in the year but missed this… next time!

  15. Mr.Loto says:

    I’d like to visit it one day, it seem a very particular place.


  16. Bram says:

    This seriously is SO amazing. I’m stunned.

  17. What a great set of pictures, this is stunning. I wish it was closer, I would be there in a heartbeat.

  18. Woooowww…..that’s amazing pict

  19. TOROS says:

    Very beautiful photos

  20. Nathan says:

    Wow! This is phenomenal!

  21. SchemaByte says:

    Gorgeous, that’s a place to find and lose yourself.

  22. Jonathan says:

    When exactly is the rainy season here?

  23. Nigel says:

    Just over two weeks and I leave for South America – THIS is on my list

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