How to steal a lion’s lunch

Africans are brave people. The do absurd things to get something to eat. But the risk is justified, they need food to survive. But this method is just ridiculous.

Deep in the savanna of Kenya and Tanzania remnants of a lost symbiotic life with these carnivores is still demonstrated by the Dorobo people. These ancient hunter-gatherers are famed for their bravery by taking meat from feeding wild lions. Dependent entirely upon hunting, rather than pastoralist lifestyle like the Maasai, the Dorobo hunt and kill wild animals and steal from other meat-eaters. They follow and track wild prides with expert precision waiting for the pride to make a fresh kill. Once a successful kill is made the Dorobo men approach the frenzied feeding lions with no fear causing the lions to scatter. The Dorobo proceed to then take a portion of the carcass for themselves, leaving the majority for the startled pride.

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