Architecture and water

Combine concrete structure with water are one of favorite tricks of many architects.

Water Gardens and Fort Worth, United States

Spillway of the reservoir in Armenia

Aquarium in Berlin

“Scientific barge” on the Hudson River in New York

New Zealand

House-cloud, Switzerland

Fountain, France

Cinema on the water, China

Restaurant at the Villa Escudero Resort in San – Pablo, Philippines

Hydropower plant in Germany

7 Responses to Architecture and water

  1. Things look very nice when they combine utility with beautiful design

  2. A lot of these are very hypnotic. You just wanna gaze at them.

  3. Jasmin says:

    Very Nice

  4. ko says:

    very interistng and amazing
    water always fascinating me

  5. Paul says:

    So very cool and interesting

  6. weezbo says:

    This is a beautiful combination.

  7. henok haile says:

    interesting and amazing

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