An incredible castle made from paper

This incredible castle is an amazing display of papercraft, an artform that uses heavy sheets of paper to create intricate sculptures and artworks. In this remarkable piece by Japanese artist Wataru Itou, we really get to appreciate the detail, intricacy and patience a creation like this takes.

What’s also fascinating is the lighting which can have a dramatic impact on the mood and feel of the artwork. The name of the piece in Japanese is Umo no Ue no Oshiro, and loosely translates to, “A Caste on the Ocean”. Back in 2009 it was on display for an exhibition at Umihotaru.

Umihotaru is an artificial island with a rest area consisting of restaurants, shops and amusement facilities. It’s a bridge-tunnel crossover point on the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line.

One Response to An incredible castle made from paper

  1. Chrisann says:

    Wow what a find Dutchie!
    The world continues to amaze me!

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